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Photo Credit: Mike Baird's Flickr Photostream
Photo Credit: Mike Baird's Flickr Photostream

There are some moments that really make blogging worth it. I just now had such a moment.

Katie from ‘Must Run’ excitedly reported on how she’s gone from one to fourty minutes of continuous running in just the last three months. How did Katie get to this wonderful point in her running career? …find out why I’m so happy

Best Ever Running Books Collection

running booksIf you search for running books on Amazon, you’ll be confronted with hundreds of results. That’s quite a collection – a collection that can be a little daunting (and time consuming) to browse through.
…check out our list of books for runners

Photo of the Week: How brave are you?

Are you brave enough to run in your underwear when it was snowing earlier in the day? Well in Calgary on June 6th some 1240 runners and walkers participated in either a 5k walk or 10k run as part of The Underwear Affair. Many wore long johns and tights under their underwear but a few brave souls dropped almost everything. In doing so some $850,000 was raised for research that will ulitmately benefit cancer patients throughout Alberta!
By the way I too was crazy enought to run in this event and you can read about it on my blog. While it had snowed earlier in the day we did have a brief period of sunshine for the duration of the race. The photo is courtesy of me and taken as I ran the 10k. More photos are on my Flickr Site.

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