Top 10 Coolest Things About My Trip to IMF

Oops, wrong window. Will have to fix this shortly….That’s what I get for trying to do too much at once, silly me. I was writing/editing a post for and accidently pasted the text from that post into here, yikes. Now I have to remember what the top ten list was…lol. I remember most of the items but the order might be slightly different this time.

1. No Snow.
2. Riding in a convertible with the top down.
3. A hotel with Ocean view
4. The ummm scenery. 🙂
5. Running on the beach
6. Playing in the waves like a 10 year old
7. Wearing shorts
8. The “Tiki Bar” on the beach.
9. Spending the day watching friends and strangers compete for Ironman.
10. BEST OF ALL, spending time with friends, old and new – Kathy, Dianne,
Ellie, Nancy, Linae, Shawn, Holly, Shelley, Trimama, Commodor, Tri-Geek Kahuna, Roman and Bolder. Some competed, some volunteered and some like me cheered on our friends.

PS. Be sure to check out their blogs for other great stories from the weekend and race reports for those that competed.