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Retail Therapy: Nabee Compression Socks

During long runs last summer, my feet would swell a little. Usually about the 3-mile mark, and not a lot, but it was uncomfortable. This spring, as the temperatures started heating up, I thought I’d try compression socks.

Nabee Socks are cute and support at 15 mmHg. (That kind of science the orthopedic doctors know better than me, but I know this … you can’t get much higher compression in products sold over-the-counter.) The toe box and wide opening at the top are pride points for the company.

Nabee Bubbles Compression SocksThe socks are thin and I wondered how they would do after a mile or two. I’m in Texas, after all. Where would all that foot sweat go without thick, soft cotton socks to absorb it? That concern was unfounded. The socks breathe and my feet never got hot.

They also compressed my feet so well that my feet weren’t quite as snug inside the shoes. I wondered, with that extra wiggle room, would I get a blister? That concern was unfounded, too.

After a run, I usually peel off my socks as fast as possible, but not this time. I kept them for an extra 10 minutes or so to help in recovery.

They did the job. My feet didn’t swell. I know I’ll be tempted to wear them on shopping days and days when I know a lot of work is ahead.