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Retail Therapy: 20 Last Minute Stocking Stuffers and Gift Ideas

If you’re feeling a bit stuck and in need of some gift ideas for the runners in your life, check out this list to see if there’s anything they could use to keep them running fit for 2009. (Or, if you’re the runner and you’re deeply afraid you’re gonna get given something that’s just not you again, here’s a link to pass on.) Continue reading Retail Therapy: 20 Last Minute Stocking Stuffers and Gift Ideas

Retail Therapy: Holiday Gift Blowout, Part One!

Let’s get one thing straight; Runner Susan celebrates all holidays that involve the giving of gifts to Susan. All kidding aside (and I actually wasn’t kidding) I’ve put together a fantastic list of gifts anyone can give me. Or even give to the runner in your life! From $1.99 to $1,999.00, there is something perfect here for every runner. (All prices in US.)


Light-It-Up Vest:

The vest combines reflectivity with LED power, giving 360-degree visibility. 3 LED-settings: glow, blink and off. One size fits most. $29.00



Bondi Bands:

Where fashion meets function. All runners should have great hair and Bondi Bands in their stocking. Bondi Performance Wear is made from sweat-absorbing wicking fabric. $8.00



Pulse Lite Glove:

Soft, lightweight, and highly breathable running glove is ideal for fall marathons. Keeps hands dry and offers just enough protection as you run. Five fun colors. $20.00



Nightlife Magnetic Clip:

Lightweight, magnetic light adds instant visibility with 3M™ Scotchlite™ retro-reflective detail and L.E.D. light. $15.00



Vapor Dry Racer Cap:

Moisture-transfer cap with Element mesh band; helps regulate temperature by moving moisture away from the head, keeping you dry and comfortable.
Fit: Semi-fitted. Blue and green. $18.00



Tech Pocket:

This neoprene and Velcro pouch is just the place to stow your mp3 player while you’re on the move. It straps securely to your arm and is padded for comfort. $14.00



Briza Watch:

This watch is perfect for running a marathon or running around town. A genuine mother of pearl face makes it as pretty as it is functional. It is also water-resistant to 100 meters. $75.00 ON SALE! $59.99



ABA Cellulite Smoothers:

You asked and here they are, the shorts worn by the women on the hit TV show, The Biggest Loser. For biking, running and losing that jiggle factor. I’ll take one in every color, please. Shorts available in sizes small (4-6) through 3X (24-26). $29.99 and up.



Custom Running Artwork:

Each piece is handcrafted and original. Send a photo and any associated memorabilia, favorite colors or anything else, and artist One Pink Fuzzy will create a one-of-a-kind, hand-made keepsake. Prices for a 12″x12″ start at $45. Truly a bargain.



Custom Running Shirts:

The Running Banana offers the perfect gift for someone with a marathon in his or her future. Simply add ‘Go Runner Name’ and they will sure to be a celebrity! Tanks, short sleeved and long sleeved shirts. $35.00 and up.



Oakley Thump Pro Sunglasses:

Sunglasses and an MP3 player all in one. No wires, no mess. 100% UVA, UVB, UVC and blue light protection. $299.00



iPod Shuffle:

Clip on the world’s most wearable music player and take up to 240 songs with you anywhere. Choose from five colors — including four new hues — to make your musical fashion statement. I’ll take the red one. $79.00



Marathon Stick:

Made popular by world-class runners. This is the favorite model of Bob Anderson, world’s foremost authority on stretching, and author of the bestseller, Stretching. $29.95



Don’t forget—tune in for Part Two next week!

Nike + iPod: What if You Don’t Run in Nike?

running tipsWhen the Nike + iPod kit came out, I thought it was really a cool idea. The thought of integrating your music and a time/distance tool in to one neat little kit was really intriguing. The downside for me was the fact that I don’t really care for Nike shoes. Never have. Even when I wasn’t a runner, I didn’t really wear Nike. They just don’t seem to fit my foot.

This is no longer a problem. A few enterprising folks have come up solutions to allow you to use your Nike + iPod combination with ANY shoe. Take a look at some of these solutions:

  • Switcheasy.com: This is a neat little idea and looks like it would work very well. The hard case keeps your transmitter safe and the clip on the back makes it easy to move from shoe to shoe. $7.99
  • Shoepouch.com: This is a little more basic, but should do the trick. Nothing fancy, just what you need to attach your transmitter to your shoe. $5.99
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  • Podophile.com: Podophile has a homemade solution that uses Velcro and a little ingenuity to attach your transmitter to any of your shoes. This has the benefit of being free and fairly secure.
  • Sportsuit Sensor+: This is a nice little neoprene pouch that attaches to the laces of your shoe. Designed specifically for the iPod transmitter, it looks like it should work well. $9.95
  • Nike Shoe Wallet: This is a product direct from Nike, that may work to hold your transmitter. It’s not designed specifically for doing this (obviously Nike would rather sell the shoes) but it would most likely do the trick. $8.00 (Out of stock)
  • Bottom-line, you no longer have to wear Nike shoes to enjoy the benefits of the Nike + iPod transmitter system. Any of the solutions noted above should work to manage the transmitter securely and get you out running in your New Balance, Puma, or any other brand shoe you choose.

Safety: Nike + iPod Sportkit Surveillance?

The University of Washington School of Computer Science and Engineering recently proved that the new Nike/iPod Sport Kit can be used in covert surveillance activities. In an article titled Devices That Tell On You: The Nike+iPod Sport Kit the author shows that with a little know how and ingenuity the Nike foot pod can be used for surveillance – even without the iPod in use.

The article quickly outlines what the technology is, how it works and what could have been done to prevent malicious use. However, the authors quickly point out the following:

We stress, however, that there is no evidence that Apple or Nike intended for these devices to be used in any malicious manner. Additionally, neither Apple nor Nike endorsed this study.

In the end, I don’t think this is really a big issue. The concept and thought behind the study is important, security in technology is something we all need to pay more attention to. But, the range of the foot pod is 60 feet – not very far. Plus, the foot pod does not contain any personal information – no name, social security number, or birth date. Nothing really helpful. I guess you could be easily tracked going in and out of doors or locations, but even that provides no real personal information. The government will not be tracking your exercise from an illicit satellite in constant orbit over your home town. Also, if you see someone with a black wand like device following you around scanning your feet, be wary.

Bottom-line, simple security precautions eliminate any issues. Turn off the foot pod when not in use for running. Or take it out of your shoe all together. It can’t be tracked if it’s not there.

Keep running!

The New Apple Nano & Shuffle: Perfect for People Who Enjoy Running to Music

running gearWith all the coolness and innovation surrounding Apple products, it’s no wonder they sell so well. For people who like to run with music, it’s been nothing but good news followed by even better news. Specifically, Apple’s Nano has always been a terrific product for runners, but it got even better when Apple and Nike partnered to create the Nike+iPod Sportkit.

The tradition of the Nano has just gotten a lot more colorful with Apple’s brand-new, very stylish lineup. Check ’em out:

Apple Store

And if that weren’t enough, Apple has also redesigned its Shuffle into the cutest, most convenient little clip-on mp3 player you ever did see:

Apple Store

With these two new offerings from Apple, people who enjoy running to music have a lot to be happy about and, for those of you with loved ones who are runners, wouldn’t one of these make the perfect gift?