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Retail Therapy: 20 Last Minute Stocking Stuffers and Gift Ideas

If you’re feeling a bit stuck and in need of some gift ideas for the runners in your life, check out this list to see if there’s anything they could use to keep them running fit for 2009. (Or, if you’re the runner and you’re deeply afraid you’re gonna get given something that’s just not you again, here’s a link to pass on.) Continue reading Retail Therapy: 20 Last Minute Stocking Stuffers and Gift Ideas

Retail Therapy: Holiday Gift Blowout, Part Two!

(Read Part One here.)

All prices in US$.

crnseatshield.jpgSeatShield: Is your favorite runner a big sweater? Then you need a SeatShield for your car. Made with a cloth microfiber for extra softness and durability. Completely waterproof and sweat proof. Especially great for leather car seats. $29.00



Running Skirts: Running skirts are all the rage and Running Skirts are designed with the long run in mind, with technical super duper sweat-wicking fabrics. $48.00 and up.




crnearwarmers.jpgHeadphone Ear Warmers: Stay warm and sound good with the Tec Stretch Ear Warmers with Headphones. Triple layer construction provides thermal retention, blocks wind and wicks moisture.



crngarmin.jpgGarmin Forerunner:
Does it need an introduction? Get some mistletoe and get your runner a Garmin Forerunner. The Forerunner is an accurate and reliable wrist-mounted performance and GPS tracking tool. $267.00 and up.




crntreadmill.jpgTreadmill for Everyday Users: Raining? Cold? Or just want to run naked? The Smooth® 7.1HR is considered a “best buy” in treadmill ratings. Features include the “touch of a button” power fold, impression shock absorption, wireless chest strap heart rate monitor and a lifetime warranty. Comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. $1,999.00.


crnshoecharm.jpgRunning Shoe Charm: The Running Shoe Charm is 3/4″ long. This cute charm is available in 14k gold for $215.00 or sterling silver for $35.00. Available engraving is additional.



i-love-running.jpgInspirational Running Shirts: All kinds of original and inspiring running shirts are available at this Café Press Store. Support your favorite web site while you shop for your favorite runner. Wink, wink. $16.99 and up.




crnbodyglide.jpgBodyGlide Anti-Chafing Stick: This could be the most important gift you give that long distance runner. BodyGlide prevents blisters, chafing, dry skin, saddles sores, cracked skin and rashes. The all-natural ingredients wash off with soap. Hypoallergenic. No animal testing. At running stores everywhere.


crngu.jpgEnergy Gel: Delivers complex carbs to muscles as energy and helps keep your mind alert and active during workouts. $1.99 individually or $24.95 for a box of 24.




Performance Toe Socks: Proven in the simplest and most extreme conditions, the Performance series Tetratsok is becoming the choice interface for amateur and professional athletes alike. $12.00.


crngymbag.jpgA New Gym Bag: This recycled material gym bag will keep all your gear organized. Holds shoes, wet clothes or towel. Includes an easy-reach outside pocket for water bottle, inside and outside holsters for cell phone and MP3 player, and bottom adjustable straps. $60.00 On Sale: $50.00


crnrunnersyogabook.jpgThe Runner’s Yoga Book: A Balanced Approach to Fitness: Runners are known for their flexibility, right? Um, no. Drawing on over thirty years of teaching and personal practice, author Jean Couch offers instruction in all types of poses, guidelines to increase flexibility for the runner. Over 400 photographs. $14.93.


crnroadid.jpgRoad ID Wrist Bracelet: This could be the most important gift you ever give. It not only looks good but it could save your life. In the event of an accident, if you can’t speak for yourself, your Road ID will. It’s not just a gift – it’s peace of mind. $19.99

Have the most wonderful holiday season from all of us here at CRN!

Poll: Tracking the Love (Part I)

running gearLast December I received my very first (and only) Garmin GPS. It changed the way I ran. Before and after each run I lovingly stroke it against my cheek. I would sell my soul in the blink of an eye to always have mine by my side. That is how much I love my Garmin.

But loved or unloved, there are many types of tracking devices to provide feedback to runners on running time, distance, heart rate, pace, and calories burned. And, in a shameless attempt to take advantage of technology while at the same time provide readers with information regarding these devices, I need you to
show me the love.

Vote here and let us know what tracking device you use and why. Be sure and check back next week for results and more information about tracking devices for runners. The more you tell, the more electronic devices I can exploit. Let the exploitation begin.

Note: If the poll does not respond (hangs), please click on the title of this post and try again.


Why? (leave me a comment)