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Lululemon’s TaTa Tamer II

Lululemon's TaTa Tamer II
Lululemon's TaTa Tamer II

This bra is the one. I tried the BounceBreaker X years ago, and while it was comfortable, it didn’t break my bounce. The designers at Lululemon kept after it, though. No more bras that just smash and call it support (which doesn’t work for us big-chested girls anyways).

I can’t decide whether I like best the flat seams, the cool, stretchy fabric that never overheats, or the removable cups best (another way to stay cool on those long runs.) The magic really comes from the wide padded straps, which are adjustable and crossable. They provide the support that lets me run for miles and not come home with welts or chafe marks either.

The price is a little high for what I might normally want to pay for a sports bra, but they are a socially conscious company and the TaTa Tamer earns its keep. I’ll be buying more.

Lululemon TaTa Tamer II

Nike Women’s Marathon and Half Marathon

On Sunday I will cut short a weekend of debauchery and beach walking to toe the line at the Nike Women’s Half Marathon. I could skip it and just hang out with my bookgroup but I won’t. I will rise at some obscene hour of the morning and hit the road at 5:00 AM to make sure I am ready to go when the gun goes off at 7:00 AM.

This is a truly remarkable event that celebrates women, women’s health and that is focused on raising funds for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. If you ever decide to train with TNT I highly recommend this race. It is beautiful and fun, raises money for a great cause and the ‘medal’ is a necklace from Tiffany. What more can you ask for in a race?

Digging Deep

Professional athletes have an ability to dig deep and hold pace that leaves me slack jawed. This video shows Maryam Yusuf Jamal hanging on by a very short margin as Yelena Soboleva gains on her at the Osaka IAAF World Championships. I can only imagine the pain and determination required to keep from getting passed when you have been going all out for 1200 meters.

The Will to Go On

In 1982 a 23-year-old college student named Julie Moss made the most memorable and remarkable trip to the finish line of the Kona Ironman Championship on record. In the lead for most the latter part of the race, she found herself out of energy and falling to the pavement just yards from the finish. She was passed by another competitor but still managed to claw and crawl her way across the mats to take 2nd place. Watch this feat of unparalleled determination and inspiration as caught on film by ABC sports.

On the 25th anniversary of that event, Moss was interviewed. Watch and listen to learn what drove her to keep pushing for the finish line when it looked like she was beyond “finished.”

Read more on Julie Moss in this article, “Back To Kona To Celebrate Her Defining Moment.”


Retail Therapy: For the A’s Only

Article Summary: Overview of the Title Nine Not-A-Bomber Crossover Bra. Made with microfiber and Lycra.

retail-therapy.pngEven if you are a bit on the smaller side you don’t have to settle for a compression bra. This no-smush bra has the cross-over styling that supports and separates. It’s constructed with a blend of microfiber and Lycra, so it won’t retain moisture as you sweat. This sports bra is recommended for A cups or as an everyday bra for B cups. Sizes: 32, 34, 36, 38crossover-1.jpg

Available online for $24.95 at Title Nine

Have you worn this bra? Why not rate it (one to five stars) and leave me a comment to let our readers know how it worked for you.


My Skirt Is Faster Than Yours

(It might seem like completerunning has been writing a lot about running skirts lately. Well, we did write about them here, and here, and well, you might say one of CRN’s founders (I won’t say who) possibly has some sort of obsession with them, or maybe just really likes them. But after this in-depth review, we’re done. I promise. Maybe.)

It’s almost summer. You know what that means: time for some good-looking running gear. And for women, that means running skirts. Yes, skirts: a trend that is only gaining steam. When I wrote a story about them last year, the skirts were still a novelty.

But since then, more and more women have found that skirts don’t ride up uncomfortably like shorts, they don’t chafe one’s waist, and they were much, much more flattering than any pair of running shorts on the market. And over the past year, more companies have offered their own versions.

I grabbed Athleta’s Beach Run Skort after running a race in which my shorts were so big (even though they were a women’s small) that they fairly ballooned around me. I road-tested the skort in a track workout and a local 3K race. When I ran quickly, the skort, which looks like a wrap-around skirt, partially flew open, revealing the white and loose-fitting shorts underneath. Just an FYI. But that’s so you can take big strides and kick it in hard while barreling to the finish line.


Pros: The skort is feather-light and has a relaxed fit, so it’s great for hot-weather running. Cute and wholesome and non-fussy in a “girl next door” way. Versatile, too. Perfect to run errands in or meet friends for an aprés-run weekend brunch. Comes in black, persimmon, eucalyptus, and two prints.

Cons: If you tighten the strings on the skort’s waistband, the garment bunches up unattractively. Also, the skort only has one small inner pocket, big enough just for a key. I tried to stuff a credit card inside too, to no avail.

Soon after I got the Athleta skort, Heather Langendorfer, Atalanta Athleticwear‘s CEO (and a two-time Ironman Triathlon finisher), sent me her company’s Commitment Skirt to try out. The skirt looks fast. It’s the beach skort’s sexier, more assertive, but also more practical cousin. The skirt comes in black or carbon gray, and the compression shorts in red, orange, turquoise or white. They are shorts that are meant to be seen.


Pros: Another reason why you may get admiring glances from other runners while wearing this skirt is because it’s an inch or so shorter than the beach skort. A good thing if you’re only 5’2″, like me. Or if you just want to show some leg. Also, Hallelujah, the skirt has two back mesh pockets. So handy. In one long run, they held one vanilla GU, my driver’s license, a credit card, my car key and a lip balm. All without bouncing around or making my butt look fat. The shorts are snug but not tight and eliminate “chub rub.”

Cons: Hmm. I’ve been trying to find a downside, but it’s been tough. At $54, they are more pricey than the Athleta skort, which runs from $44 to $49. But I’ve found myself reaching for the Atalanta skirt more often than not.

In ancient Greek mythology, Atalanta is the goddess of the hunt, travel, and adventure. According to lore, she would only marry a man who beat her in a footrace. Aphrodite, the goddess of love, helped one love-struck suitor, Hippomenes, by giving him three golden, magical apples. Each time Atalanta drew close to him in the race, he dropped one apple. Intrigued by its beauty, Aphrodite would slow down and pick it up.

In some versions, Hippomenes’ strategy so impressed Atalanta that she let him win. Maybe that’s the 21st century revisionist version. But no matter. The skirt, which has Atalanta Athleticwear’s logo of three apples along its hem, is a keeper—whether you let your significant other win the next race or not.

Paula Radcliffe – Olympic Hopeful with the Heart of a Lion

One of my favorite sayings is “Fall down seven times, get up eight”. It’s what anyone trying to do something difficult needs to keep in mind. We all stretch ourselves to reach new goals and sometimes we fail and the only real antidote to failure is to put the disappointment behind us and just keep pushing.

No one typifies this attitude better than Paula Radcliffe. Paula has been a world class runner since she was 19 years old and placed 7th in the World Championships. The very next year she suffered a foot injury and was sidelined for a year. Undaunted she worked again to place in the top 5 in the Worlds for several years in a row and then gained ground to become a World record holder and to qualify for the Olympic games in Athens in 2004.

Sadly, she suffered a leg injury in the weeks before the race and then developed GI issues in response to the anti-inflammatory drugs she was given. She is a champion though and nothing would keep her from the starting line. This video is about her bravery and her struggle in that race. Although the setback in this race was a bitter pill to swallow, swallow it she did and 3 months later went on to win the New York Marathon.

Her indomitable spirit and her will to fight to the finish is an inspiration and we wish her well as she trains for the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.

Get Your Skirt On

(Yes it’s that time again. Time to revisit running skirts.)

A few short years ago they were obscure. Reserved for “those” women. Do real runners even wear them?

Running skirts. Are they practical? What’s the point? Some women will say they are comfortable. Some wear them to look cute (what’s wrong with wanting to look cute while we run?). Whatever the reason, their popularity is exploding and runners from the front to the back of the back are putting them on. A few short years ago the choices were very limited and 4-5 years ago there was only one company (that I know of) selling running skirts. I was a skeptic. Now I have tried a few different brands and I rarely wear shorts anymore when I run. Skirt Sports even has a program called “Convert to Skirt” where they give you a deal on a new running skirt if you send them your old running shorts.

The popularity boon is to your benefit. If you are a running skirt convert or maybe just someone who wants to try running in a skirt, you now have a dozen options. Most of these skirts come with built in liners, compression shorts, or some variety of those.

Here is a fairly comprehensive list of current running skirt offerings:

Supernova Running Skort $42

Atalanta Athleticwear
Commitment skirt $60

Calamity Jane Skirt $55

P.E. Skort $40

Moving Comfort
Hopkinton Skort $40

New Balance
Bonita Running Skirt $45

Nike Adventure Skirt$60

Running Skirts
Two styles – prices vary


various styles (including for other sports) – prices vary