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Photo of the Week: Go ahead & Jump!

This photo was taken at the Calgary Roadrunners Confederation Park XC Relay Race. The race is run in teams of 3 with each runner completing about a 3.5k loop that includes two creek crossings. It’s always fun to watch each runner attempt the last crossing. Spectators yell out scores and boo those that don’t make a big splash or leap. This was one of my fav jumps this year.

Photo credits go to Kathy or Derek, not sure which one actually captured this great shot. You can check out more photos from this and other races on the CRR website.

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Photo of the Week: Runners Along the Water

Running along the water’s edge almost always creates a cool photo. The reflection in this photo is so clear it almost appears as if you have a twin running upside down below you.

From my email: Dawn, I would be very happy to have you use my photo of runners along the water. Please credit it to me/my photostream. It is of a 10K run which is put on by the Holyoke, Massachusetts Elks Club which uses the money for various charitable causes. It takes place once a year on the saturday following Thanksgiving and is called the Talking Turkey Cross Country Run. Takes place at a reservoir on the hill above Holyoke. Quite a spectacular spot to run or observe. Thanks again, Jim

Thanks again Jim for letting us feature your awesome photo!

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10 Pet Peeves about Running

running wisdomIf you read my last article, 10 Reasons why Running is the Best, you may at this point be very confused. How could I do such a “flip-flop” in one week? Well, I am not being fickle, I do and will always love running, but lets all face it, there are some things about running that do “suck”. Here is my list. What have you got to add?

1. Heat. I find it very difficult running in hot conditions. My heart rate skyrockets, I get sweat gets in my eyes, and every step is so laborious I feel like I a brand new runner to the sport.
2. Frozen eyelashes. If you live in a cold climate like I do and you sweat and breathe a lot while you run like I do, your eyelashes will sometimes stick together and make it difficult to open your eyes. Blind running is a challenge!
3. Blisters. No one likes blisters. Blisters are one of those annoying things that sooner or later, no matter how much we try to prevent them, we all get.
4. The unknown. I never know before I go out if I am going to have a good run or not. I also don’t know how much my knee is going to hurt, how much my lungs are going to hurt, or if today is the day I will sustain an injury.
5. Ice. Again, this is another winter one. It is very scary running on ice. Every winter runner has fears of slipping and falling on ice cracking a tailbone or breaking a wrist.
6. Chafing. When I watch any wilderness show on television and I see them rubbing two sticks together to start a fire, I think of one thing – my thighs chafing.
7. Stingin’ rain and wind. It is really frustrating running against a strong wind with cold rain beating relentlessly against your forehead.
8. Traffic. Sometimes cars are unavoidable on a run. When I go on a run I sometimes encounter the drivers who are not looking where they are going or the ones who hate pedestrians and would love to score some points.
9. Getting a PW. Now this hasn’t happened to me, of course, but it has happened to a friend of mine. He ran a 3:39 marathon, and then one year later he ran a 4:33 marathon – his “personal worst.” Now, I don’t care who you are, that is a hard pill to swallow!
10. Injuries – We are all prone to injuries and as a runner we know they are part of the “game.” If you belong to a large running community you are constantly hearing about all of the injuries and it always makes me think a) I am glad I am not him/her b) I hope I am not next c) I know exactly how he /she feels.