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Lululemon’s TaTa Tamer II

Lululemon's TaTa Tamer II
Lululemon's TaTa Tamer II

This bra is the one. I tried the BounceBreaker X years ago, and while it was comfortable, it didn’t break my bounce. The designers at Lululemon kept after it, though. No more bras that just smash and call it support (which doesn’t work for us big-chested girls anyways).

I can’t decide whether I like best the flat seams, the cool, stretchy fabric that never overheats, or the removable cups best (another way to stay cool on those long runs.) The magic really comes from the wide padded straps, which are adjustable and crossable. They provide the support that lets me run for miles and not come home with welts or chafe marks either.

The price is a little high for what I might normally want to pay for a sports bra, but they are a socially conscious company and the TaTa Tamer earns its keep. I’ll be buying more.

Lululemon TaTa Tamer II

Retail Therapy: For the A’s Only

Article Summary: Overview of the Title Nine Not-A-Bomber Crossover Bra. Made with microfiber and Lycra.

retail-therapy.pngEven if you are a bit on the smaller side you don’t have to settle for a compression bra. This no-smush bra has the cross-over styling that supports and separates. It’s constructed with a blend of microfiber and Lycra, so it won’t retain moisture as you sweat. This sports bra is recommended for A cups or as an everyday bra for B cups. Sizes: 32, 34, 36, 38crossover-1.jpg

Available online for $24.95 at Title Nine

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Retail Therapy: Sports Bra for the Well-endowed

retail-therapy.pngTime to rest easy and get moving. Finally, a compression bra that supports in all the right places. The soft fabric allows for breathability and only a small degree of stretching which drastically reduces the dreaded bounce.

Wide rib band, hook-and-eye front closure. Provides medium-to high-impact support for C-through DDD-cups.

The ENELL Sports Bra was the top ranked sports bra for larger breasted women in the November Self Magazine sports bra review.

“The Enell Sports Bra is the best bra I have ever jogged in,” says Tricia, 23 a triple D who used to wear two bras to work out.


Comes in black and white, $56.00 by Enell, Inc. available at Lucy.

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Video: How a Canadian Dresses for Winter Running

This video shows what I wear for running in the Canadian cold. How cold? Really cold but you’ll have to watch to find out just how cold. What you should know about this video is that, with what you see me wearing, I am warm while running.

With the right gear, you too can run in the cold. So get geared up and enjoy running in the winter.

cold running clothing

Happy Boobs

running gearFall is just around the corner, that season where days get shorter, cooler and the wind gently breezes through our hair. Unfortunately, it breezes through our bras as well (sorry men). And as our boobs are smashed in our sport bras, we get the all too familiar fall fashion statement: Happy Boobs.


Picture disguised to protect the innocent.

Not exactly the look you want for those race day pictures. Kidding aside, sport bras are meant to provide a variety of no-brainer functions such as support and moisture control. And for most average-sized women, they do. I may be the only one, but the Ally McBeal in me wanted more. Or, actually, less. Is a little less compression and a lot less nipple too much to ask for?

After searching through the local running store, I came across Champion’s Shape 2000 Bra, which due to the form shaped cups could easily be referred to as “The Madonna Bra.” I like Madonna, so that was OK by me.


My reaction to this bra is mixed. It does most of the things a bra needs to do like wick away moisture and provide support. The extra padding provides the bulletproof protection I needed to conceal the extra happy expression not on my face. The molded cups served a duel purpose by separating my cleavage and eliminating the uniboob and the molded cups made my boobs look bigger. As a B cup, I’m all for bigger boobs.


The bra does however have many seams, and while they are lined with a felt-like fabric, I did chafe a little under the arms. Nothing a little BodyGlide couldn’t fix. While I think most women would agree that less nipple is a good look, more boob may not be such a good thing. The bra does come in a D cup. While it’s great that Champion carries larger sizes, the molded cups may not work for extended sizes; there’s a fine line between Madonna’s lingerie and Viking breast plates.
Edit: The Champion Shape 2000 Bra is available at Amazon at this link: Champion – Shape 2000 T-Back Bra