Lululemon's TaTa Tamer II

Lululemon’s TaTa Tamer II

Lululemon's TaTa Tamer II
Lululemon's TaTa Tamer II

This bra is the one. I tried the BounceBreaker X years ago, and while it was comfortable, it didn’t break my bounce. The designers at Lululemon kept after it, though. No more bras that just smash and call it support (which doesn’t work for us big-chested girls anyways).

I can’t decide whether I like best the flat seams, the cool, stretchy fabric that never overheats, or the removable cups best (another way to stay cool on those long runs.) The magic really comes from the wide padded straps, which are adjustable and crossable. They provide the support that lets me run for miles and not come home with welts or chafe marks either.

The price is a little high for what I might normally want to pay for a sports bra, but they are a socially conscious company and the TaTa Tamer earns its keep. I’ll be buying more.

Lululemon TaTa Tamer II

2 thoughts on “Lululemon’s TaTa Tamer II”

  1. Nice review, Susan. I think I might have to make a trip to Lululemon to check them out. I *love* them for my yoga apparal but wondered if they could truly support my running needs. The TaTa’s, as you mentioned, do not need a mammogram-like squishing sort of support. No. That just won’t do. Thanks for your product review, Susan and thanks Complete Running for not letting this cool site go dormant.

  2. Love my TaTa Tamer II. It is the most comfortable sports bra I have ever worn. It definetly keeps the girls in place (36C) while making them look nice too.

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