Retail Therapy: 20 Last Minute Stocking Stuffers and Gift Ideas

If you’re feeling a bit stuck and in need of some gift ideas for the runners in your life, check out this list to see if there’s anything they could use to keep them running fit for 2009. (Or, if you’re the runner and you’re deeply afraid you’re gonna get given something that’s just not you again, here’s a link to pass on.)

  1. The Superhero Pendant for the superhero runner in your life. (I’m putting this first because it’s my favorite.)
  2. Body Glide
  3. Bondi Bands – a comfy, colorful and creative way to hold your hair back while running. Buy 5 headbands for $25! (Enter redeem code at checkout: XMAS.)
  4. Gym Membership to keep everyone in shape.
  5. Subscription to Runner’s World.
  6. Books about running and nutrition.
  7. Garmin Forerunner to keep your runner on track.
  8. Polar heart rate monitors.
  9. Warm gloves and hats.
  10. Socks – always a great gift.
  11. Reflective gear for the nighttime or early morning runner.
  12. iPod or MP3 player to keep your runner company.
  13. Fuel or hydration belt.
  14. Entry into that favorite marathon your runner has been talking about.
  15. Power bars, Gu or other healthy fuel and snacks.
  16. Lip balm to keep those lips kissable.
  17. Running shoes. Who couldn’t use a new pair?
  18. Chocolate. Need I say more?
  19. The Marathon Stick to sooth those sore muscles.
  20. Gift certificate to a massage therapist.

Bondi Band
Fuel Belt
Trail Blazer Socks

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  1. Or you could give the gift of music that was written for running, Hollywood composer Howie Saunders (composed music for Matrix, Charlies Angels…) has turned his hand to writing custom running music. Put these beats in your iPod and you’ll be flying….


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