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After my last article, I received several emails from readers about Aruba Sport sunglasses. I decided it merited a little research and it wasn’t long before I found out their home base is right here in my home town—Dallas, Texas. A few phone calls were exchanged and they invited me over to visit their facility. I’m so glad I went. It’s not often you get to see the good people behind good products in action.

The owners, Marc and Susan McKinney, gave me three pairs to try out. I love them all, but I have to say the pair my cyclist husband and I fight over is the Wave 2i. What I like most about all the Wave 2i (other than the awesome color selection) was how they didn’t put any pressure behind my ears and never slipped on my face, even while running in 90 plus degree Texas temperatures. My husband loves the three interchangeable lens options, which gives you good vision in any light.

The frames are Arubaflex TR 90 nylon and have this groovy thing they call Twisted Technology – and if I hadn’t seen the owner, Susan, twist the frames almost completely around with my own eyes, I wouldn’t have believed it was possible. I know for a fact, I’d be chicken to try it with ANY of my other glasses.

The lens material on all their products is scratch resistant and shatterproof. Made from a polycarbonate material, the lenses offer excellent visual acuity with 100% protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays. All Aruba Sport Eyewear meets or exceeds the United States and European standards for protection against harmful UVA and UVB portions of the light spectrum while at the same time, piercing blue light directly into your retina to make your vision bionic – Hi Gary!* They also carry frames that can be fitted with prescription lenses.

Aruba Sport sponsors endurance runners, marathoners, triathletes, tennis, golf and beach volleyball players. These athletes test their glasses at actual events and give them input on what does and does not work on the course. Aruba has a few athletes wearing their product in the Beijing games, including U.S. marathon contender Brian Sell. Be sure and watch him go for a medal this Saturday.

Aruba also offers a great warranty. If for any reason your Aruba Sport sunglasses break or you are not happy with their performance, simply return them to Aruba Sport (add $14.95 for shipping and handling) and they will send you a new pair of the same or equivalent style.

Aruba Sunglasses are reasonably priced from $69.95 to $99.95 (US) for interchangeable lenses and are available at stores nationwide. To find a retailer, visit Aruba Sport or contact them directly at 972.369.0323.

Aruba proudly sponsors the Hanson-Brooks Distance Project Elite Running Team. Pictured below with the autographed jerseys are VP of Sales, John Boucher, and owners Susan and Marc McKinney.

*Please note: Neither Aruba sunglasses, nor blue light will give you bionic vision. I’d explain the blue light scenario but if I did, I’d have to kill you. All other light-related material is completely true to my knowledge!

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  1. Hello,
    I just wanted to add a little something about the people behind these wonderful sports wear sunglasses. I have worked for John Boucher on numerous occasions and can honestly say that he is a genuine person with only your best interest in mind. He is one of the most honest and caring people I have ever met, with an AWESOME positive attitude I only wish I could have every day like he does! He believes 100% in his products and it shows! Honesty and integrity is what you get when buying Aruba Sports! This small company is sure to make it big, especially when you have people like John Boucher on the team! The product and the people are FANTASTIC!!

    Daniele Lackie

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