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Tips for Starting a Running Blog

  1. Choose either a hosted blog (Blogger or TypePad or, or host one on your own domain (the Complete Running Network is powered by WordPress).
  2. Get a statistics packed feed from FeedBurner so you know how many RSS Subscribers you have.
  3. Join the Running Blog Family.
  4. Let us help you promote your blog by reading this.
  5. Add a visitor statistics package like SiteMeter to your blog (every blogger wants stats!).
  6. Choose a way to log your running stats (speed, distance etc). There are many ways to do this but our favorite is Breaking The Tape (BTT) because the guy who runs BTT is a long standing member of the RBF.
  7. You might want to spruce up your blog with some customization such as a nice, running graphic in the header. Check out The Masthead Factory – by another member of the RBF.

That’s it for now, but this list is a work in progress so please contact us if you have questions about getting started with your running blog. Good luck and have fun!

About Mark Iocchelli

Also known as the "Running Blogfather", I'm a 40-something marathoner who has beaten stress fractures and terrible shin splints. Now I'm running double the mileage with no pain - and I'm getting faster. I love to talk about running form and Arthur Lydiard. I also enjoy taking photographs, have a beautiful (and very patient!) wife, and am the proud father of two crazy kids. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments about the site.