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land of the gods: the legend of the marathon

passion for running category: inspiration,running,running movies on Tuesday, July 18 2006

There is a new running movie on the horizon called, Land of the Gods: Legends of the Marathon.

The trailer looks fantastic – a beautifully photographed film that captures the stories of a wide range of runners (beginner to elite, old and young) while they train for and run in the Chicago Marathon.

If the movie is anything like the trailer, it will be sensational.

I can’t wait.

roger bannister four minute mile movie

passion for running category: inspiration,running,running movies on Wednesday, June 14 2006

Have you seen this? It’s the story of Roger Bannister and his breaking the four-minute mile. I haven’t seen it but the reviews on amazon for it are excellent. I think I’ll order it unless someone tells me that’s a bad idea.

running movies links

passion for running category: links,running,running movies on Sunday, November 13 2005

You’ve reached my running movies links page. Links to movies about running are shown below. Click on running links if you want to get back to my main running link page. A movie about running makes a great gift for the runner in your life. For other ideas, check out my running gifts links page.

Please let me know if there is a movie not on this list that should be added by leaving me a comment. Thanks!

Documentaries/Dramatic Documentaries About Runners

Fictional Dramas About Running

Instructional Running DVDs

Dramas With a Running Sub-Plot

Movies with Running Scenes in Them

first ever blogfather open house!

passion for running category: inspiration,polls,running,running blog family,running movies on Wednesday, September 21 2005

Sophist had the great idea to poll everyone on their favorite running movies. I was thinking I’d first collect a list of running movies from everyone and make the poll on a separate day.

And then I read Sophist’s comment again:

My favorite blog entry ever on this site was the one where lots of readers completed the sentence ?I remember when.?…I love the polls and the sharing-something-about-running posts!

Sophist got me thinking about the reason I started the polls – that I wanted this place to become more interactive. I wanted my readers to contribute in a bigger way. :)


I’ve set up a special login so you can post on my (our?) blog. All you have to do is login by clicking here. The login and pass are both lower-case “rbf” (without the quotes!).

First, Some WordPress Lessons

Once logged in, you’ll be presented with a pretty simple menu.

To begin writing a post, just click on the write menu. If you are returning to edit a previously written post, go to the manage menu and click on the link to your post to edit it.

Once you click on the write menu, you’ll see the following sub-menu:

Now you can begin editing. See that quicktag stuff? You probably won’t need to bother with many of them other than /str (bold) em (italic) and link (creates a hyperlink). However, to use them, all you do is highlight a word/phrase and click on the appropriate quicktag button. Once you do that, your word/phrase will be formatted/hyperlinked.

Saving & Publishing

Don’t click on “save”. If you do, your post will be saved to “drafts” and seemingly dissappear (if you do, don’t worry, it is still there). The better option is to click on “save and continue editing”. This allows you to preview your post by scrolling all the way down the window of your editing page. Just keep editing and doing the “save and continue editing thing” until you are happy with your post. Once you are are happy, click on the publish button and go check your work by going to A Passion for Running. In the event you are still not happy, that’s ok. Just login again, go to the manage menu, find the link to your post and begin editing again.

It’s all very easy! I promise. Please come in (leave your running shoes on) and look around. :)

Okay, onward to today’s open house theme! Sophist wanted to know what your favorite running movie is so let’s hear from you!

Some criteria might help: The movie must be about running or at least have a sub-plot or terrific scene involving running. For example, Forrest Gump (affiliate link) has a great sub-plot about running and Rocky (affiliate link) has a great running scene within it.

Make sure you start your post by saying who you are since everyone using this login will be identified as “rbf”!

I’ll start. My favorite running movie is Without Limits (affiliate link) – a movie about Steve Prefontaine. You can view what I said about him in this previous post.
By the way, I have no problem with you inserting your own affiliate links to products in your own posts.

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