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passion for running category: running on Monday, January 15 2007

Over the weekend, I took a friend’s advice and rented An Inconvenient Truth – a movie about the quest Al Gore is on to educate the world about Global Warming. An Incovenient Truth is the clearest, most compelling 90 minutes of video I have ever watched on the subject of global warming. The facts are presented in a straightforward manner that takes on the detracting viewpoint – that global warming is a historically cyclical phenomenon – and blows it to bits.

Our knowledge of global warming is not new – scientists have been telling us about it for years. The problem is that we haven’t been listening to the scientists of the world because doubt has been placed in our minds by non-scientific media articles funded by big business.

In Al Gore we have a clear, passionate, charismatic (yes, I said charismatic!) voice for the scientists that we need to listen to.

Please go out and rent or buy this movie.

For the record, I’m with Seth Godin – we need to stop calling it “Global Warming” and start calling it something more accurate like Atmosphere Cancer.

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Comment by jeanne

Friday January 19, 2007 @

yeah, good thing we didn’t elect that goober gore, eh?

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