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one year old!

passion for running category: running on Thursday, March 24 2005

Complete Running is celebrating it’s birthday! There’s so much I’d like to say about the past year but for now I just want to say THANK YOU to all of you for your support and encouragement this past year. I think it’s safe to say both Aaron and I are honored to have had the opportunity to get to know you.

By the way…Aaron – you da’ man! Thanks for being my partner on this whacky journey! Thanks also for not killing me along the way (even though it was probably justified on more than one occasion!). I appreciate that. :)

As long as we’re talking milestones, I should also mention the RBF directory has now surpassed the 200 mark! Wow! Who’da thunk it huh? I wonder how many people will join our not-so-little “family” in the next year?

My blog is also going to turn a year old on April 15th. My mind is churning as it tries to figure out what to say about that. Stay tuned!

Once again, THANKS everyone!

PS Did you know Aaron and I call our logo “Competey”? Happy birthday Competey!


Comment by Reba

Thursday March 24, 2005 @

Oh Boy, I get to be first to Say: HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY CR!! Mark, I wouldn’t know where to begin with my thanks and gratitude for the wonderful gift of this friendship and running running partnership. It’s been a truly remarkable blessing in my life. Bien Fait et Merci Beaucoup mon frere de courir. (Good Job and Thank You very much my brother in running)

Comment by jeff

Thursday March 24, 2005 @

this is your birthday song. it isn’t very long.

Comment by susan

Thursday March 24, 2005 @

Yay!!! Thanks so much for all you do. I know I wouldn’t be this far along without you guys.

Comment by Jon in Michigan

Thursday March 24, 2005 @


Comment by beverly

Thursday March 24, 2005 @

…. and …. maaaaany …. more …..

(You’re so lucky this isn’t in audio … :)

Comment by BD

Thursday March 24, 2005 @

Happy Birthday!

Thank you for everything. Thank you for being you.

Wishes for many more birthdays to come.

Comment by Rebecca

Thursday March 24, 2005 @

Happy Birthday! And here’s to many more!

Comment by Pamalamadingdong

Thursday March 24, 2005 @

Happy Birthday To you!
Happy Birthday to YOU!
You look like a Monkey
And you act like one too!

Congratulations! And thanks!

Comment by Dawn (aka Pink Lady)

Thursday March 24, 2005 @

Have a “completely” Happy Birthday!!!

Comment by Lara

Friday March 25, 2005 @

Yay!! Happy birthday and congratulations to the proud parents :) Your baby’s growing up so fast!

Comment by vj

Friday March 25, 2005 @

Happy Birthday! bonne Anniversaire! The RBF is such a natural idea, but so brilliant, and so needed, and I am so happy to be a part of it. Yay!

Comment by LouBob

Friday March 25, 2005 @

Happy Birthday! And all the very, very best to you guys!

Comment by Nancy Toby

Friday March 25, 2005 @

Happy birthday – and many happy returns of the day!

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