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new computer!

passion for running category: running on Monday, December 20 2004

My poor little iBook laptop took quite a beating this past few years. When I first bought her she really rocked, but stuff happened since then making it obvious she needed to be put to pasture. First, Apple came out with it’s rockin’ but RAM hungry new operating system – OS X and the little laptop that could had to work harder and harder just to boot up! Second, the hard drive started doing weird clicking things. Sometimes, it was almost unusable and putting a new drive in did not seem worth it for such an outdated machine. Lastly, the kids broke the power plug. I had to rig it up with nails (that’s right – NAILS) and electrical tape just so it would get power!

Needless to say, getting work done became very difficult – especially when using heavier applications like Adobe Photoshop and Macromedia Dreamweaver.

So Lori and I agreed this year’s Christmas present to each other would be a new computer. At first, I thought another laptop was the way to go and was considering a 15″ or 17″ Powerbook but have you seen how much those cost? Yikes! Price was not the only consideration but, with kids in the house, durability (among other things) was so I looked around and eventually settled on a spanky new G5 iMac.

It took all weekend to set her up the way I like but man does she ever rock! Everything is so smooth and fast and that’s without the extra Gig of RAM I purchased (it is on backorder). I did some playing in Photoshop and Dreamweaver last night. What a treat that was. My life just got a lot easier, more productive and enjoyable!

And the little laptop that could still can do something (at least till her hard drive dies). She gets to be Cassandra’s playmate! I’ve removed everything except the bare essentials and a web-browser so she can get into kids websites such as Barbie, Teletoon and Sesame Street. Plus, she’ll be able to close her door (to get away from Christopher!) and watch DVDs in the privacy of her own room. How sweet is that for a six year old?

Enjoy your semi-retirement little iBook. You earned it. :)


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The new computer has some really great features. One […]

Comment by Rachel

Monday December 20, 2004 @

Ooh! You’re going to love that computer. I have had Macs since they first came out in 84 or so, and the two years I had a Dell were the worst years of my life… Now you’re going to have to get the iPod to run with– my favorite accessory ever :)

Comment by susan

Monday December 20, 2004 @

I’m so jealous! When I needed a new laptop, I made a huge mistake. I bought a Toshiba tablet. Ugh. The keyboard is tricky, the touchpad is too sensitive, and I don’t really have a need to turn the screen around and use it like it’s supposed to be used–a tablet. Talk about impulse buying. My kids begged me to buy an Apple. Did I listen? Noooooo. Have fun!

Comment by Jon in Michigan

Monday December 20, 2004 @

Ooohh! Snazy new computer, dude!

Comment by Chris Brogan...

Monday December 20, 2004 @

First off, I’m envious. Second off, I ended up clicking the links to your daughter’s favorite websites, and playing games for a while. Yes, I’m that silly.

Comment by Pamalamadingdong

Monday December 20, 2004 @


Comment by Deene

Tuesday December 21, 2004 @

Cool! New gadgets are the best.

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