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passion for running category: running on Thursday, August 25 2011

So, since I’m into my fourth consecutive week’s worth of running, last night I thought it might be fun to take along my Garmin (gps speed+distance+googlemap device). Here is what I learned:

  1. I will not be setting any world records in the mile or marathon anytime soon.
  2. I now have a brand new benchmark for “slow”… I can only get faster!
  3. On the plus side, I’m definitely almost as fast as a three year old riding a Playskool tricycle.
  4. I think I look exceptionally bad-ass with two days stubble and a run’s worth of sweat dripping down my face.
  5. Upon removal of my running shirt, bad-ass illusion is replaced with that of a sweaty, mutant Pillsbury Doughboy.
Kidding aside, my long runs are now six miles… not bad after less than a month being back at this.

runner is running

passion for running category: running on Thursday, August 18 2011

Long story, short: I’ve got three weeks under my belt, am running every second day and am now up to 60 minute continuous running. I’ll likely step things up to daily running within a week – alternating between 30 and 60 minute runs.

Feeling good… and I hope you are too.

One Hour

passion for running category: running on Tuesday, January 18 2011

The weather broke today. For the first time in two weeks, no snow and no -20 celsius.

So I got out and ran – for 64 minutes. Nice and easy. All is good!

Still going…

passion for running category: running on Monday, January 17 2011

I got a very nice, encouraging comment from Bruce, who wondered where I’ve been the past week. Well, Bruce - I’m here!

I haven’t run the past two days because we’re absolutely BURIED in snow here in Edmonton (we’ve gotten about two feet in the last 10 days). However, I’ve been doing at least an hour’s worth of snow shovelling pretty much every day. Most days I’m shovelling our walks and driveway twice a day, so I am probably getting 90 minutes exercise from shovelling each day.

And there is just SO much snow out there. I ran less than two miles on Saturday and it damn-near killed me. It felt more like a gym workout than a run.

So, there you have it – I’m still at it. I’m not going anywhere.

And the best news is that the daily snow dumps and bitter cold weather we’ve been having is supposed to break tomorrow.  In other words, back to our regularly scheduled show.

Thanks Bruce!

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