Women’s Run 5k – Race Report


The clock above me says 39:59 but my results on the timing sheet is listed as 39:46 and I’m a happy camper. That’s my best time this year and a big improvement from the 55 minute 5k in March. I gave it my all so much so that I crossed the finish line at a blistering pace of under 5min/k. You know you’ve given it your all when at the end you bend over, hands on your knees and tell friends/family to steer clear cause you feel like you’re about ready to puke. Thankfully I didn’t but it was close. Nikayla brought me water which really helped.

It was a great race all around. Carrie and Nikayla had started out together but less then a k into the race I saw Nikayla heading back towards me. She had decided to let her Mom head off and try to PR. By the way Carrie kicked butt finishing the race in 34:01. Way to go kid. Anyhow Nikayla and I ran the race together. She was my little pace bunny so to speak. I would send her off running a few hundred meters like to the next sign or fence post, etc, then she would take a walk break while I picked up my speed trying to catch her. Once I caught her I would slow enough to refresh while she again spead ahead. So it was like we did alternating intervals of fast & slow. At about the 2k mark a friend, Mark M went by in the other direction yelling I’d better pick it up if I was gonna be 38:25???? I was puzzled by the time he had picked but found out later that’s his current 10k PR and the time I have to beat to cross the finish line before he laps me…lol. Anyhow it was shortly after that we passed Carrie heading towards us. She high 5’d Nikayla and then me. The looked awesome and was running strong. I slowed for a few seconds at the water station, perhaps I shouldn’t have. Shortly after we rounded the turning point and headed back. We continued the “intervals”. Finally as we hit the last k I said to Nikayla if we want good times, it was time to kick it up a notch. It was shortly after the first place 10k lady went by. That was kind of cool as I usually get passed about a km earlier.

With the last corner in site I started my finishing sprint earlier then usual. I checked my watch I wasn’t gonna make 38 or 39 but I was gonna make it before 40 only if I gave it everything I had. I heard yelling and saw the clock ticking up the numbers closer to 40 and made it just under the wire. By the way Nikayla finished just ahead with a time of 39:02. Yeah Nikayla. All three of us got cookie medals for being a 3 generation team. There were 6 teams of 3 generations but I think we were the only team that actually had all 3 members running. A couple had the 3rd member still in a stroller.

By the way check out my face in that photo….it says “I’m gonna puke, out of my way” ….lol.

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