Where the heck did June go ????

For that matter where the heck did the last 6 months go. I still can’t believe how much mileage I have done this year. When I wrote it on my wall the other morning it was

          Swim      35.95km
          Bike      658.43km
          Run      232.98km
          Walk     75.35km
       YTD Total    1002.71km

OMG I’ve made it over 1000km this year and that is only up to Monday morning’s ride.

So yes, Monday I rode to/from work. I am enjoying my “little” early morning ride. I’ve now set up the routine so that I go to Eau Claire Y and reset my Garmin at that point. Going home, I start from the same point. That way I can compare rides to see if I get better…lol. Occasionally I will vary the route but at least this way I have a comparison route.

Yesterday I attempted my swim/run but wasn’t too successful. It was a slow go for 500m and I stopped on the swim. The run ended up being a 2k run/walk to get there and the same to get back to downtown. It was just too hot and I was too tired. I’ve been going to bed earlier but perhaps not early enough.

I’m up at 5:10am on the mornings I ride to work and 6:00am on the swim/run days. I’m trying to be “eyes shut” 10ish pm but not always successful. I used to stay up to 11pm before I started biking.

I rode my bike to work again this morning. Parking at Edworthy for a shorter ride to work was a brilliant idea. I hope to commute a lot more often this way. On the downside, however, something I ate for lunch disagreed with me so I made a slight change and hoped the bus back to my car. My bike is safely locked up for a commute ALL the way home tomorrow. As today’s training plan called for a “hilly” ride, saving my ride home to All the way on Thursday will give me the option to do that. I’ll take the Nose Creek trail home which is about 20k and lots of tough hills to climb. It will be a good ride. Thankfully I have Friday off and can sleep in after that…lol.

Have a great long weekend everyone. I certainly intend to.