Where did summer go?

Okay so they summer has come and gone. Wait, when was it here? Oh well moving on. It’s September and another month is over as well. I haven’t done a whole lot since the Chaparral Triathlon. I guess it was time for a bit of a break anyhow.

I have been to the pool a few times and oh yeah done a little bit of running here and there. Enough goofing of though time to get back to some serious training or well as serious as I get. You see I’ve registered to run the Vegas Half Marathon in December. Flight and hotel booked. There’s a whole gang going from my neck of the woods so it should be a blast again.

I did do a fun and free 10k on the weekend. I’ll try to get around writing about that in the next few days. But for now I just wanted to let you know I’m still alive.