Waking up in Vegas (Saturday Dec 4th)

A busy day planned but must try not to over do it like I did on Friday. First on my list of things “to do” was to meet up with my fellow Canadians over by the MGM lions. But wait, let me back track a bit. Remember how tired I was on Friday night? Well somehow I managed to change the clock back an hour. So you see when I got up on Saturday at what I thought was 7:00ish it was really 6:00. Unfortunately I didn’t realize that until I was all dressed and ready to head out the door. At that point I put on my watch and realized I was going to be an hour early for my meeting. Oops.

Killed an hour chatting with Richard and headed out the door. It was a gorgeous day. Capris and a t-shirt were a perfect choice to wear. Not sure why but there didn’t seem to be that many of us showing up for the meeting. I visited with everyone, took lots of photos and made a video as the gang headed off for the run. I opted not to run. Coach said she would prefer I didn’t, so for once I listened and was a good girl, sort of.

After that I meandered back across the bridge to New York New York where I found a great deli that made awesome sandwiches. I got the special which had chicken, ham and pastrami on rye/wheat with a large pickle and side of potato salad. They were absolutely huge, so huge I was only able to eat half. I wrapped half up for later and put away the extra plate that would come in handy for Sunday’s breakfast. Oh yeah, I think I forgot to mention on Friday I had gone to Walgreens and got my diet coke for the room, plus I later found bananas in a small shop in the hotel lobby. Only thing I need to score for my Sunday breakfast was a bagel and I got one of those from Starbucks. I had brought my own peanut butter in my suitcase.

Breakfast/brunch eaten I caught the bus for my next meeting or should I say “Tweet up”. Originally I had one planned for Friday but I missed that one. Glad I didn’t miss the one on Saturday. It was awesome. I met some of my online friends, as well as someone from RnR, and Josh Cox (who later came in first for the marathon). A little about Josh – he’s 35 and his marathon PR is 2:13. Heck I can’t even do a half that fast! He was a real cool, down to earth guy.

Josh gave us some great tips for the race.

  • Try to take in your water and gel at the same time. Try premixing them in your water bottle. Sounds like a great idea.
  • Eat your breakfast about 2 hours before the race and have a gel just before you start.
  • The day before, don’t over do it on the pasta. Have a light pasta meal about 2pm and eat an easier dinner later.
  • If you always drink coffee before the race do so, but don’t if you normally don’t.
  • Don’t do or wear anything new on race day.

Josh was running on Sunday as a training race. He was going to start out slower and pick it up for the latter half. He wasn’t treating it as a race as he was training for an upcoming ultra. He noted that the best runners for the endurance distance tend to be in their 30s or 40s. His record for the ultra is 2:43 and he’s hoping to break that.

After the chat, prizes were drawn until we all won something. I won a cool Rock n Roll t-shirt. Yeah! Next we headed out for a run (sorry Richelle). I kept up with Josh and the others for about 2 minutes and then decided I better back it off. Next thing I know the group was way ahead and soon disappeared out of sight. A security guy on a bike followed us as we were running on an unopen pathway. It was cool having a place to run where there were no crowds/tourists getting in your way. We had it all to ourselves and for that matter, I had it all to myself as the gang was long gone. Oh yeah, the security guy on the bike reminded me of when I’m usually in a race and the last one. Funny how things seem to go that way. It was only about a 2 mile run/jog/walk and I took my time. I finally made it to the Sands Hotel/Expo where the rest were meeting up. I missed out on the grand prize draw for sunglasses but heh, I can only wear clip-on’s so no big deal. I did get a cool running log and more photo ops with the gang and Josh.

Not wanting to stay on my feet too much I didn’t meander the Expo again. Instead I wandered over to the stage area and watched the Elvis performances as I ate the rest of my sandwich. As I sat there an older looking guy sat beside me. I asked him if he was doing the full or the half. He said the full. Cool. Next I joked and said “Is this your first, 10th or 100th?”. He replied “106”. My jaw dropped. Turns out Mike was 52 from Central Tx and this was indeed his 106th marathon. I said he was amazing but he didn’t think so. What a guy.

After that John Bingham did an interview with Josh Cox after that so I stayed to watch that as well and got some more tips.

  • If you want to run fast, run fast.
  • Get off the couch, get out the door. (Josh averages 130 miles pr wk and sometimes runs twice a day)
  • Eat right
  • Do your core work. At this point Josh got up and demo’d how to do a plank. He wants to start a movement of people doing planks during commercial breaks..lol.

Next it was time to head out. Across the street was the Fashion mall. I checked out a couple of the stores but again not wanting to stay on my feet opted to head to the food court. Time for my pasta meal. It seemed strange not to go to the pasta buffet like I had in past years but I really wasn’t all that hungry and opted for a small bowl of pasta with meatballs. I munched on that while I surfed on the internet. I finally got Wi-Fi access. Late lunch done I meandered a tiny bit more and then caught the bus back to near the hotel. I picked up a small chicken salad a Quiznos to take back to the room for later. That would work as my light dinner. Again another early night in Vegas. For a party town I sure wasn’t partying much. Guess I will have to make up for that on Sunday.

Back in the room I laid out my clothing. Josh had suggested laying out on the floor as if you were dressing a person. Okay so I laid it all on the arm of a chair, everything from the socks to my shirt. I laid out my fuel belt and accessories on the seat of the chair. I fastened my race number to my belt and put my chip on my shoe. FYI my chip is still on my shoe…lol.

Next I organized all my goodies for breakfast. Then I added a diet coke to the ice bucket. Oh yeah, I decided I would try the gel/water idea and mixed 2 gels into my large water bottle. It tasted like a strawberry/banana shake, awesome! I put that in the ice bucket as well.

Now that I was ready for Race Day it was time to relax. I munched through about half of my salad and tossed the rest. Really not hungry. Lights out and TV off by 9pm.

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