Vegas Half Marathons of the Past

Before I post this year’s experience you might want to read my race reports from the past times I have run the half marathon in Vegas. This was my 4th trip to run the race. Will it be my last, I really don’t know, time and training will tell that tale.

2007 – A Fun time at the Vegas Half. I went to run for fun. Stopped to watch the bands and still beat 4 hours by 15 minutes. For me the first year in Vegas was about seeing Vegas, the bands and just plain having a fun time.

2009 – 2nd time better, way better in so many ways. I had missed 2009 due to injury and was still recovering. This time it was about finishing the distance with a better time. I wanted to beat 3 hours but my injured knee acted up and I ran the last 5k in pain.

2010 – Another amazing year. I improved my time, still didn’t beat 3hours but I wasn’t disappointed. I had fun, loved it and planned to return again.

2011 – That will be the next post I write. Saddly, you will see a much different story from the last 3 years.