Underwear Affair 5k – June 2, 2012

Ah yes, another of my favorite events that I opted still to do this year but I switched from the 10k to the 5k. As always I dressed up (or down) this year I went as “Mother Nature”. I hand painted a floral desing on my arms and did body paint pretty much head to toe. I couldn’t reach my back so Nikayla helped me by painting thos parts.

My friend Anita picked me up. We hung out together checking out the other costumes. She went as Capt Colin Oscopy, a great idea. Surprise surprise I took 3rd in the ladies costume contest. I got beat out by a cancer fighting dinosaur and a toilet…lol. But heh, I still won a dozen pairs of SAX underwear which dollar wise was a huge prize worth over $400. Cool beans!

It was a gorgeous day for a run/walk. Earlier in the day it was questionable as to whether it would be a nice day or not but by race time the sun was out and it was awesome. They all thanked me, Mother Nature, for the nice weather….lol. I wished I was able to do the 10k, that route was more scenic but still I enjoyed the 5k. We walked a lot of it.

The after party was really crowded – short lines for the food but a long long line for the beer – go figure. It was another successful event. I raised over $1200 towards cancers below the waist. There were some 1285 participants in various stages of undress and total raised was over $800,000. Awesome! Here’s hoping even more is raised next year.

Despite this being a fun event to participate in there is a serious side to the event. Cancer sucks. I know as my Mom and many others are survivors. Saddly there are also many not so lucky :-(. I have vowed I will run in my undies until a cure is found. With that said, I’ve already signed up for 2013 and could use your support Click HERE to do so

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