Two Weeks to Tri – came & went

Yup the count down has not only begun but is pretty much over. Technically as I write this the race/triathlon has actually come and gone. But I need to write this post to catch up on the training I did over the last two weeks.

With my eye issues I was unsure what I should or shouldn’t do for training. I got differing views from DRs, websites and other athletes so I did what I felt comfortable with. Basically I took my training one day at a time which was really all I could do. I guaged whether I would do each workout based on how I felt after each one was done.

I did some easy walks and finally headed back to the pool to swim. All seemed fine but I was still nervous and even a few times debated whether or not I should be doing my upcoming triathlon. It was all very frustrating.

During the last week before the race I opted to do a “Park & Ride” on the Monday as well as the Wednesday. This meant I drove to a closer location where parking is free and got to ride my park pretty much the whole distance on park pathways. A nice safe workout except for those crazy cyclists that drive way too fast. Despite that it was two great days of riding. I also managed a couple of runs in that week as well.

The Wednesday was actually a pretty busy day which included a ride to/from work, a run, and later that day an open water swim. The swim was awesome. I did 30 minutes as suggested by my coach and didn’t even find the water cold. The hardest part was getting in and out of my wetsuit…lol.

Thurdsday my workout was a 30/30 Taper Run which I worked in between errands. And lastly on the Friday, the day before the race I did my “Pre Race Day” practice which was basically a dry run through of everything from swim to run. It came in handy to ensure I had all that I needed packed up in my transition bag.