Tri Mixing it up

Honest I’m not training for a tri but you might think so after reading about tonight’s workout. My original plan a simple swim and a brisk walk home after. Ah but the best laid plans are often foiled. As was the case tonight. I packed my gear for plan A and took it to work.

I caught the bus to the rec center but when I got there I discovered it was swim lessons until 6pm and it was only just after 5pm. Now what do I do!?!? The clerk suggest the gym. Hmmm I knew my shorts were in the bag but I had no shirt. She dug one out of the lost and found for me. Cool. So I hit the gym and did 25 minutes on the bike. I tried one of the recumbent ones. I’d never riden one of them before. It was different but ok.

That pretty much killed enough time so I hit the locker rooms and changed for a swim. No time to waste so into the lanes right away. I did 22 laps one after another with just a few pauses here and there to catch my breath. All were the breast stroke. Its the one I’m the strongest at. I saved 10 minutes for soaking in the hot tub and then was off to the showers.

Dried, dressed and ready to go, I headed home. No energy for a run, so I opted for a brisk walk. Besides its really hard to run with a stuffed backpack that weights a ton from wet towels and swimsuit. The goal – be home by 8pm. I walked in my back door at 7:57. Now I’m hungry. Guess what? Hubby had chicken and fried rice ready. I’ll have to warm it up but at least I don’t have to cook.

So how’s your week going?