Tracking Your Activities for 2007

I have a lot planned for 2007 so to keep myself on track I’ve designed a couple of Excel workbooks. I’ve put the details here just in case you too were looking for a tool to track your plans for 2007.

The Calendar Format
Click the above title to access this one. It was my original design and still the favorite of my friend, Karen. The workbook has two tabs. Use one to plan your training and races for the year. Use the second to record your actual training. The third tab is for tracking all your races or timed events.

The spreadsheet has three colored areas below each date. Use one for each activity you wish to plan. If you don’t do three activities just leave the ones you don’t need blank. There are formulas in the end columns that will add up your weekly totals for you. At the bottom of each month will be your month to date and year to date totals for each activity.

Below each date is a blank row for noting any details you wish to comment on about your activity or race. I often indicate the weather, how I felt or the route I ran.

The Column Log Plan
This workbook is slightly different in that you can see your plan and the actual all on the same sheet. It is geared more towards someone who knows a little more about excel. Using the drop down arrows by each column you can filter what you see. For example: If you always run on Tuesdays, filtering on Tuesday allows you to quickly put in that activity for your plan.

The second tab uses the pivot table feature of Excel to automatically add up the weekly and monthly totals you enter on the first sheet.

If you have any questions or find any bugs just leave a comment and I will help you out. No matter how you track your activities for 2007 don’t forget to have fun. All the best in 2007!

Edited to add notes: Thanks everyone who likes this stuff so far. I really liked Linda’s suggestion to allow for an area to track weight so I have added it to the Column Log Plan.

As for Mike’s question about what to do when you do multiple workouts on the same day but are using the Column type log, you can simply insert a new row. Make sure it follows the same format, etc. However doing so could throw off the stats on the next page so I revised the tables to allow for additional lines on the tracking sheet.

The revised Column format covering both Linda & Mike’s ideas has been uploaded and can be downloaded from here.