Thursday in Penticton

What a great place to stay. I can see the lake from my living room window. Oh yeah, I’m in a one bedroom hotel suite right on the Lakefront. On my own for now but Ally, a friend is joining me on Friday.

First on my agend for the day was to head up the road to the Ironman Expo. Before doing so I meandered around past the Bike Barn, okay I went in and looked around as well. After that I made my way to the local running shop to pick up my gear for Friday’s Underpants run. I also found a great pink fuel belt.

The Expo was just a few blocks from there. More shopping, yeah. I found a great top and bought myself a mug & glass for a little pre Iroman motivation. I have a 2 year plan so we shall see.

By the time I made it back to the hotel I had likely done yet another 5k walk. Not done yet, I changed and went for about a 500m swim in the lake. It was a great swim but with the water being a tad choppy, I soon realized that maybe I should learn how to bilateral breathe…lol. Hard to take in air when a wave hits you in the face.

Still not done, Thursday evening included more walking with a trip to Smith & Co for the Team TriLife pre race gathering. It was a great meal of lasagna, salad and fruit followed by a cool video presentation of the team’s competing athletes.

Richelle and I headed out of there in time to head back over to the Expo for Ladies’ night. Cool 10% off so I picked up and Ironman top & shorts. It was pink, had to have it…lol. Meandered back to the hotel and I figure I likely did 10k of walking on Thursday.