There and Back

Tonight I opted to run to the Running Room rather then drive the icy roads. It was a slow 2k downhill but I did manage to pick up the pace from Sunday’s run. I also managed to run it all except for a short break to wait for the lights to change.

The chat for “run club” tonight was Tarveen. She gave an awesome on Biomechanics, injury prevention, etc. As I had run to the store my plan was when the group headed out I went the same direction as them which coincidently was also towards my home.

To make the route just a bit longer I opted to weave through the neighborhood a bit. I also did it to avoid this one rather large uphill. It had been nice running down it on the way to the store but I knew it would suck going home. The alternate route still involved a small hill but that was much easier to take.

As for the legs. They still ache a bit but not as much. The one thing I’ve really noticed a big change in is my energy level. I feel so much more alive since I quit taking the statins. I have a physio appointment tomorrow so hopefully that will work out a few more kinks and my race this Saturday will be an improvement over the last one.

On a side note hubby is now working nights. Which means he gets home in the morning shortly after I leave and heads out before I get home. My bus pulled up early tonight and I managed to catch him pulling out of our street. I stole a quick kiss in the middle of the street and he headed to work. I headed to home. On the plus side for three nights I get to hog the bed and steal all the covers…lol. Have a great week everyone!