The Survey Says….

How about a little running survey? – (from Brent – his revenge for me tagging him on my List for which he has yet to post his answers to posted his answers today, so I guess it’s my turn.)

1. What is your favorite long run pace?
Currently, I feel great between 10:30 and 10:45, like I could run forever! Mine is the same as Brent’s except I think he was referring to per mile and for me that would be per KM…lol.

2. What is your favorite (or typical) pre-run meal?
Multigrain bread toasted with crunchy peanut butter or a bagel with crunchy peanut butter. Banana is good too.

3. What was the distance of your first ever, official race? (This isn’t a contest, I’m just curious).
It was in high school and I don’t remember the distance but I did come in 2nd. After that it was a 10k many years later.

4. Do you typically run in groups or run alone?
I often start out with the group but usually end up running alone.

5. Name one or two NEW running experiences (occurring within the past year), that you have grown the most from. (poorly worded and I’m too tired to edit, but you get the idea. feel free to change the wording.)
Like Brent, I agree this is a tough one to answer. But heh, you can teach an old dog new tricks.

The season isn’t over but I would say perhaps the Police Half that I ran at end of April was the one I learned a few things from. Not sure I really grew as I’d rather shrink.

Anyways, I learned from that event that I need to work hills more and work on my form to prevent some of the aches and pains I felt after that one. I also really learned to enjoy coming in LAST.

The other would be the experience would be the recent running clinic that I am involved in. I am running with others who started/restarted like I did a few years ago. I am redoing a “13 week Learn to Run Program” and a few others have joined me. During the 13 weeks I am rebuilding my running in hopes to improve my form and speed. As an added bonus it seems I have encouraged others to get back out there. Now that is the best!!!

6. What is your least favorite structure to run on/over?
The dreaded curling clubs stairs, all 170+ of em.

Your turn (don’t let Brent down, this is the first time he’s ever started a survey!): I’m only tagging two since Brent already tagged so many: