The Pink Chicklettes – Race Report

Today I ran in a relay race with my daughter and her daughter. We ran as a three generation family team called the “Pink Chicklets”. The race – Confederation Park Relay XC, put on by the Calgary Roadrunners.

We headed out early hoping to get a good parking spot but everyone must have had the same idea as the parking load was full and the street was quickly filling when we pulled up. I dropped Carrie off with her soup pot first and then found a place to park back on the street. Thankfully we didn’t have to park too far away. I left most of my stuff in the car as it was close enough to come back to after. We headed down to register and pick up our team numbers. We were team number 1727. I was to run the first leg and then Carrie & Nikayla would run their legs at the same time. That way they could keep an eye on each other and well we might not take forever to finish…lol.

Nikayla hung out with her buddy Les for a bit. She also had fun throwing or kicking leaves at him, her Mom and anyone who got close enough. There was a ton of leaves to run through and have fun with.

There were also a ton of runners and somewhere around a hundred teams registered. It was one of the largest crowds I’ve seen at the race. The weather – cool but sunny, somewhere around +6C. It felt a tad chilly but there were still a few in shorts and t-shirts. I had opted for long pants but rolled them up so I could hopefully stay dry when crossing the creeks. Yes, creek crossings, 2 of em but more on that later.

Considering the size of the crowd we still managed to start not to long after the scheduled noon start. It really didn’t take long before all the runners were way ahead of me, say maybe 200 meters…lol.

The leg felt okay, but that was likely due to the 2 Advil I took earlier. I ran the flats and the downhills but walked most of the uphills and took lots of photos along the way.

The course heads out fairly flat towards 14th, then up a bit of a slope, then back along a ridge parallel to where we had started from. Lots of leaves to run through and lots of fun. Despite being slower then usual it did seem to be easier then in the past. Maybe that’s cause I’ve run it so many times I know the route well. Across from me I could see the speedy runners already heading out for the 2nd leg and I knew I would soon be lapped. Sure enough, below you see the runners coming up behind me around the halfway mark.

On the other side of the course once we head down the last hill we run along the creek briefly then cross it. This is the first crossing, then it’s a narrow pathway along the creek for a bit and back into the open again. The guy on his back (lower right, below) said “here, let me pose for you” and dove to the ground…lol. Two seconds later he was back up running and way ahead of me.

Ahead was the tunnel. You run through it on the way out, up a hill, etc and then back through it again. Just on the other side, ah yes, the second creek crossing. This one a bit more challenging and a bit deeper. Everyone was yelling for me to jump in, belly flop, whatever. The knees didn’t like the idea of any of those suggestions so I kind of crawled my way into the water and used the trees to pull myself up on the other side. Not likely the best photo op for my river crossing but heh I got some good photos of others doing it later. Then it was down the road and to the finish. Nikayla & Carrie both headed out to do their legs at the same time.

After I was done I headed over to the base of the first hill to watch for “the kids”. It seemed to take them forever and finally I spotted Carrie. But where was Nikayla. Carrie was walking and not looking happy. Les headed out to find Nikayla and got her motivated. Seems she tired herself out a bit with all the horseplay before the race. She’s 7 and hasn’t learned to save it for the race…lol.

Thanks to Les, Nikayla nearly caught up to her Mom. As a matter of fact, her Mom worked extra hard to try and stay ahead.

I found out later that Les carried Nikayla across the first creek but when she got to the second she jumped in with both feet making this huge splash that soaked her from head to toe. She laughed and ran through the rest of it. Then it was off to the finish.

Being cold, Nikayla got changed immediately after the race. It was a bit of a long line for the soups and many ran out but we still had our fill. Another race done, yeah!

Above Karen stays cozy under her hoody and blankets while Carrie stayed cozy by staying inside…lol.

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