Swimming along

All this nasty cold weather is not only depressing it’s messing with my training and motivation. Heck who wants to get out of bet let along workout when it’s -30C without even a windchill. So Monday, I didn’t do my bike workout. My bad. Heck I really didn’t feel like swimming on Tuesday but I did. It wasn’t a great swim. It wasn’t the workout my planned called for but 1000m of drills was better then nothing at all.

Wednesday I had a board meeting for Calgary Roadrunners to attend so I missed my spin class. I was going to run there but it was still too damn cold. I thought about running laps at the Y but I really didn’t have time to get there change, run, change and again and still make it to the meeting on time. So my only workout on Wednesday was a 1km walk and nearly freezing my butt off.

By Thursday it still hadn’t warmed up and well I once again blew off going for my run. Instead I did a little retail therapy and bought myself some new jeans, pants and a couple of sweaters.

After work I headed for my swim. Last week I had missed doing my 500m sprint workout so I decided to do it instead of the 1500m my plan called for. It was still a 1300m workout and not an easy one but I was curious how I was doing. Well below is the email I sent to my coach after I got home from “my most amazing swim”. If there is such a thing as a “swimmer’s high”, I left the Y on one!

Okay so I’ve been feeling unmotivated and this cold weather sucks. My bug last week didn’t help either. I’ve missed runs, swims and even bike rides but today I feel like a new woman after my swim tonight. I just have to tell you about it!

So I really wanted to do the 500m timed sprint that I was supposed to do last week. Not having done any swimming for a week or so on Tuesday I did 1000m of drills and it felt good. Tonight was to be the 1500m of “golf” swimming but instead I opted to do the swim planned for last week.

I started out with the warm up of 200m swim, 200m kick, 200m swim easy. Then a bit nervously I started my 500m timed sprint section. So that I would have an exact time I restarted my Garmin if you go online to today’s workouts it the set with a time of 17:10. I followed it with 200m of really really easy cool down. I was wiped after pushing hard for 500m but felt amazing – a swimmer’s high.
  1. – 50m 1:40       2. – 50m 1:45
  3. – 50m 1:39       4. – 50m 1:42
  5. – 50m 1:45       6. – 50m 1:44
  7. – 50m 1:46       8. – 50m 1:38
  9. – 50m 1:45       10.- 50m 1:38
        Total 500m in 17:10

I was aiming for under 18 and well if it weren’t for a couple of slip ups or near collides with the guy I was sharing the lane with I might of been under 17. No biggy when doing a tri you aren’t swimming alone so part of training is dealing with “obstacles” Now I just need to work on being able to maintain or better that pace for next 1000m and then finally 1500m.

My time last year for the Chinook Oly was 1:04:?? for the 1500m if I could get it down to around 50 that’s a big improvement. Hopefully this feel good feeling from tonight’s swim carries forward and gets me out of my slump.

Richelle was as happy as I was with my swim results. And yes it did motivate me. I had a great workout today (Saturday) but I’ll tell you about that in another post.