Swim & Gym

Training for this past week was a little slack by most standards including mine. I did make it to the pool on Monday and was very pleased to finish 1000meters or 1km. I only paused for mere seconds at each end to turn but it still took me a long time. I need to work on turning and breathing to pick up speed. All in all it was still a good workout. I followed that by walking home at a good steady pace – 2kms. Oh yeah I also did a 2km walk at lunch that day.

I did nothing else until Thursday when I walked over to World Health for a workout. I won a fleece hoodie from them the week before so I went over to pick it up and my friend Clare who works there put me through a good workout for about 20 minutes. Most of the stuff in the routine was things I can do at home. Just gotta make the time in my training plan. They were all things that will help strengthen my core and rebuild my flexibility in my legs. Cool.