Strathmore Sprint Triathlon – Race Report

I had signed up as a volunteer to help Deanne out. However, when I contacted Deanne about more details for the Strathmore Ladies Triathlon she asked me if I wanted to swim as part of a relay team. Only 500m so while I hadn’t been in the pool for a month, I figured why not.

We arrived in Strathmore around 7:30 and somehow I managed to find my teammates even though we had never met. We were all in our 50s so that was cool and awsome it was to be a fun team so no worries about me being a slow “older” swimmer. Oh yeah, the we is me and hubby, my awesome support team. Gotta love that man.

Being a relay team we got to go in the first round of swimmers. Since I have a trouble hoisting myself out of the water, I convinced them to let our “time” group go in the last lane by the ladder, yeah. I was in the 20+min group but woohoo, I was faster then I thought I would be. I had an amazing swim – nice and steady, no struggles anywhere. By the time I was done one of the ladies was a full 50m behind me. For once I wasn’t last out of the pool. I finished the swim in just over 17 minutes but took a couple more getting from the pool to my bike teammate.

Jo headed out for a nice strong bike ride. I waited with hubby and our runner, Gail. I can’t remember how long Jo rode for but she had a great ride and we sent Gail off on her run. While Gail was running I floated around taking photos and visiting with friends. I checked my watch and it was time to head over and watch for Gail. When we saw her approaching Jo and I joined her in the last stretch for the finish.

It was fun doing a triathlon this way and wow, so much less stress…lol. Hubby snapped a photo of us with our medal. Cool another medal for my “wall of fame”.

After the tri there was an awards banquet with lasagna and lots of prizes. I didn’t win anything but having fun with friends was prize enough for me. \

By the way I did end up volunteering. The three of us helped out at the banquet by handing out tickets and such at the door. All in all a great day.

Yes there are photos but unfortunately they are on my computer at home and I’m on the road. I will add the link later but it may be a couple of weeks. More on that in my next post.