Starting All Over Again

Starting over again. Life has a way of throwiing you a few curve balls when you least expect it. 2013 has been one of those years. My blog has sat dormant for many months. It’s not that I haven’t had anything to say, I just decided to wait a bit to share it all. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

So the first “curve” I got this year was guess who’s single again?!? Yup, it’s me. Lock up your sons, Dawn is single…lol. Just kidding while it would be nice to go out on a date for dinner or a movie or both, for now I am enjoying some time on my own. I won’t get into all the details. Hubby and I split after 17 years together (almost 15 married). He’s moved on and I moved out. I’m now in a beautiful home in a lake community. I love it. The lake is half a km away and I can go swimming even in the rain…lol. Nikky my granddaughter is still with me so it’s a great community for us both to train and do triathlons.

Now just as I had settled into that “curve” life took another twist and I now have some extra time off to enjoy the new place. Thankfully I was smart enough to have a small nestegg but away for such rainy days. No worries, I’m doing just fine.

So with starting over as a new single woman, in a new home and soon a new job might as well start over with my training. It’s not that I haven’t done any training in 2013, it’s just been sparatic. I have done a few 5k and even a 10k race. Heck I also did 2 triathlons – one as a solo and the other as a team with my 12 yr old granddaughter (Nikky). Nikky on the other hand did 5 triathlons (counting the one we did as a team.

Today was officially what I call the “starting over” of my training. The goal, rebuild my leg strength so that I can run the 2014 Calgary Marathon in June. There’s time enough to get there as long as my legs cooperate and I rebuild appropriately. The start of that rebuild was to first shed some extra weight. While it would have been nice to be down a tad more, I am quite happy with my success so far. I’ve dropped 41 pounds. It’s the first time I’ve been below 200 in eons. I hope to lose that much again if not more by this time next year.

Today’s run was a hot one. I probably should have headed out earlier in the day but I got sidetracked packing up clothes that are too big. I love it when I put on pants that fall off without me even undoing them…lol. I headed out from my new home to explore whatever route I found. No real route or distance planned. Nikky was with me on her bike, she had water in case I needed it. She’s my awesome support team. We left the main street and headed along a paved trail that ran out of pavement about half a km into the run. Next we meandered a narrow gravel trail that was more of a gentle downhill switchback. My knee still doesn’t like downhill so it was a slow go. At the bottom we once again followed a paved pathway. We saw other cyclists, a couple of walkers and as we headed back uphill we encountered a couple of kids doing slolum skateboarding tricks down the hill. They were pretty good.

Uphill is much easier on my knee and I picked up the pace a bit. The uphill was also nicely shaded. I spotted a few trails through the treed area that perhaps we may explore someday. Headed back home. All in all I managed just a hair over 3k. It was a hot and sweaty run but I got ‘er done.