Stampeding 2010

This year’s stampede started while we were in Seattle so we missed the parade and the first few days. Acutally I never made it to even one pancake breakfast. I did however make up for that by making myself waffles at home for a couple of days.

On Wed July 14th I headed down to the Stampede grounds via bus. I had tickets for Bon Jovi. Carrie, my daughter had to work so she was meeting me there later. I walked around the grounds. It’s amazing how many “unhealthy” food choices there are and very little that is healthy. Oh well I settled for a greek chicken pita thingy. It was okay. I watch all the rides that no way I would go on and wondered through the vendor area in the BMO center. Man they sure try to sell you a lot in there. Finally I headed into the dome to find my seats and meet my daughter. I had bought the ticket off the classifieds at work – $50 each. They read “behind the stage” which I thought was strange. They ended up being awesome seats for that price. We were side on to the stage but up really close.

The opening act was just so-so but my daughter thought a couple of the guys were really cute. Bon Jovi was AWESOME! He had the crowd on their feet pretty much from song one and for the whole night.

They also did an encore and the concert ended shortly after 11pm. As we left the fireworks went off but by then my camera batteries were dead. Oops took too many photos of Bon Jovi. We bussed it back home.

The next trip to Stampede was on Friday. This time I was heading to Stampede with hubby. I had gotten the tickets to Kid Rock when I bought one of the bowls auctioned off by Energy 101.5 for the Empty Bowl Charity. These were pretty good tickets as well but a little further away then I was for Bon Jovi. Darren wasn’t sure he would like the concert but Kid but on a great show. He’s quite the performer! Disappointing though there was no encore set so the night ended early. We made our way through the crowd back to the bus area. We found out later about the accident on one of the rides. A handful of people had been injured as the Scorpian ride had come apart.

All in all my two nights were a lot of fun.

More Stampede/Concert photos