That’s the sound I made just now as I hopped in the hot tub at Frostbite Falls. I finally made it. Actually I ran a little past to find a good place to hide and change into my swimsuit. No one even knew it was me when I ran by, as I was wearing a lime green jacket instead of my trademark pink.

You see when I headed out for tonight’s run it was dark and I wanted to be seen by those that never notice runners especially when they are yacking on a cell phone. Yes it’s Tuesday and I should be at the oval running with Karen. Hopefully she’ll have a good group to run with and won’t miss me too much. By running through the neighborhood I was able to get done and be home sooner. Otherwise I’d only be half way through what ever drill Coach Derek assigned tonight. Besides I don’t think I would have had the energy for speedwork and judging by my average for the little 4.1km run I did, I was right.

I did take a tip from Mike and attempted to run at an even heart rate. My max was 136, the average 128 and as I look at the graph, its pretty even except for a couple of spots when it disappeared. I wiped off the excess sweat and it was back again. Strange. I checked the battery once I got home to make sure there was no moisture or anything getting in. Of course quite by accident and I blame the music, I did pick up the speed in a couple of spots for a top speed of 6:39 pr km. Must have been when Nazareth – Black Betty was playing. Speaking of great tunes, if you are a Nickelback fan and you all know I am, you might want to go hang out over at Bolder’s place. He’s having a Nickelback appreciation week. So guess where I’ll be hanging out. 😉

Hubby has gone to the store for ice cream. I think I’ll find something for dinner first and then….Cool he just got back with BearClaw icecream, yummy my favorite.

I see recent comments a few others have made it to the falls. Good job. Tomorrow is a new month and another challenge. My monthly totals are in the sidebar. Thanks to Jeff and Breaking the Tape I don’t have to tally them up anymore. You can just look over there to see if I’ve been slacking off or not…lol.