Snow Day

2013Mar-SnowRun 022As part of getting back to it, I’ve been working on a few streaks. I started way back in Feb and ran, walked, swam or biked every day for the whole month. This month I’m on a “at least one mile a day” streak as part of the March “Run Every Day” Challenge on Facebook.

On Friday, I ran a bit more then 5k in beautiful weather. I wore capris and short sleeves. I even saw a few others running in shorts. It was an awesome day out there. Heck even Saturday, while a tad chillier was a beautiful day. I ran a bit over 2 miles. However, I did have to wear pants, long sleeve shirt and a jacket.

Well today I woke up and was busy doing a few things. My granddaughter smiled and innocently said “Granny, I don’t think we are going swimming today” and then she pointed to the snow storm just outside the window. OMG!!! No way I’m driving in that crap. Wait a minute, I have to run in that crap.

I stalled for a bit in hopes it would clear up or at least slow down. Finally I just got dressed and decided I would do the mile, make the most of it and have a good laugh while I was at it. The camera had stayed home for my last few runs but today it was definitely coming with me. Gotta record this for sure.

I put on long pants, of course. I added warm knee socks over top and then added my neon gaters. These are the ones I wore back in the 80s when I was skiing…lol. They have come in handy when running but I haven’t needed them for a long time. I also added a hoodie, a fleece jacket and a nylon jacket to break the wind. Oh yeah, don’t forget the scarf, tube, hat and gloves. Ready to rock the snow, I headed out the door. As I exited I heard my hubby declare “you are crazy!!!” He was likely right but I left anyhow.

Just to prove I did this and how crazy it really was out I took a number of videos and am working on them over on YouTube. I’ll share that later. For now you can enjoy some photos over on Flickr.

As for the run, well it became a walk and a slow slog. I quickly found out that in calf deep snow it was hard to tell where you were. Was I on the sidewalk, the neighbors lawn or oops as I sometimes found out on the edge of the road. It was hard on the ankles. With near white out visibilty it was hard to just looking ahead or down. At least wearing bright pink I wasn’t going to get lost in the snow storm. Thankfully it wasn’t really cold except in the open areas where the wind really whipped up. A couple of people were out shovelling. I saw maybe one or two others out braving the sidewalks. Amazingly those driving were actually being cautious as they drove past.

The snow was drift in many areas and with the blowing winds my footsteps often disappeared behind me as they filled in with more snow. I did an out and back thinking I could follow my footsteps back. What footsteps, they were practically gone in many areas only minutes after I had made them. I miss judged when I stepped off one curb, lost my balance and landed on my butt. Thankfully with all the snow it was a soft landing. No harm done, no injuries. I picked myself up and carried on trying to be even more careful.

Back at the house, Nikayla was out shovelling. What a kid. I finished my mile and then helped her by doing the sidewalks. All in all it was a fun outing and heh, the streak continues!