Snakes on a Trail

Yes I stole this title from a Complete Running post but well it was the perfect title and one must always have a perfect title for their post. Right?!?

Anyhow, Karen and I went hiking with her little runner rather than for a run on Sunday past. Yup, during our run we saw a snake. Karen was proud of me. Instead of running the other way screaming, I actually crept up real close to get a couple of great pictures. You can even see part of my shadow in the second shot. However when I saw it stick out its fangs I did back up a little and said out loud “That’s why my camera has zoom”. Karen laughed at me.

We had a great time and saw lots of other interesting things.

The hike was followed by a nice soak in the hot tub with Karen, Dianne and kids. After we were nicely marinated we relaxed inside and munched on Nachos. All in all it made for a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Even if it did include a “snake spotting”.