Silver Springs XC – Race Report

I got reminded by my buddy, Karen it was time to update my blog so I guess I should start with my long overdue race report for the Silver Springs Cross Country from way back on Dec 13th. Getting to be a bit of a bad habit, sorry.

Just so you know while I have neglected my blog I did manage to do a quick post about the race and feature a “Deep Freeze” photo from it over at

Calgary has been experiencing some rather frigid weather for most of December and race day was no exception It was -23C (-9F) but more like -40C (also -40F) with the windchill and still some 71 runners between the ages of 7 and 70+ finished either a 3 or 7k cross country event in Calgary.

They shortened the course due to the frigid temperatures. Even with the shorter course it was still tough being out there and the race director instructed the runners to stay together, run in packs for safety reasons.

The trail had some rather uneven and icy areas where is a solo runner fell they could get into trouble. Delayed times outside could result in frostbite or hypothermia. Anyhow it didn’t take long before Carrie, little Nikayla and I fell way behind the pack. Carrie and Nikayla wandered back towards me saying they were too cold to continue. I understood, but as I looked over the edge of the ridge I saw the lead runners just below us. So rather then head back the way we came, we opted to take a short cut threw the knee deep snow to the runners below. It gave me a chance to get some great photos of runners I never see. Oh, yeah as Nikayla started to follow us down the shortcut she “blew a runner”. That is her shoe came off…lol. Mom did a quick equipment repair and we were on our way again.

The other runners saw us take the shortcut and laughed. Shortcuts were very much permitted today.

Carrie and Nikayla followed along mid-pack and well I drifted to the back again. Dang knee still not 100% but I’m not giving up. A little further along and way behind, I opted to take another shortcut heading up the hill rather then down into the valley where the rest had gone. I saw Les heading towards me and the finish line was just beyond him. As I had not done the whole 3k I was not planning to cross it. However when I got there they handed me a posicle stick anyhow and if you check the results I have a time. The race director agreed that all those who start get a time regardless of the distance completed. Cool beans! So while it is my best time I ain’t counting it as a PR…lol.

Already cold and only a few feet to get to the warm hall I opted to make a snow angel. Only problem with laying down to make a snow angel is getting back up after. Thankfully Les and Barry helped me up. Actually I almost pulled them down into the snow with me…lol.

The soup and goodies were especially tastey after a cold & snowy race.

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