See Karen Run

Oh yeah in my month off post I forgot to mention one other item. I was going to edit the post but it’s long enough and well frankly Karen deserves a post all of her own. 🙂

Karen has been running a number of trail races this summer as part of the 5 Peaks Series. July was going to be my only chance to go cheer her on at one of the races. Originally I had planned on it being a weekend get away for us but instead it ended up being a day trip.

Anyhow on July 24th hubby and I took a trip up to Sundre for the 2010 Sundre Snake Hils Race. We’d never been there so it was a nice day trip for both of us. I took hubby along as well he’s better at taking photos then I. Speaking of photos we both took lots and they’re on Flickr (link at bottom). The “different” shots of flowers and such are mine. I was playing around with different angles. These are some of my favs.

Of course Karen had to send a “Tweet” before getting ready to head off running.

Once all the racers headed off we moved up the trail to catch runners in action. I love the shot Darren caught of Karen at the halfway point.

This was a great spot to take photos and cheer on the runners. Hubby walked up the trails a bit further and I sat on the side for a bit. After a while I headed over to the other side thinking it would be cool to catch the runners coming uphill. I even caught a video of Karen running up the hill. See she also runs uphill, not just downhill.

After Karen headed off on her second loop we meandared are way back to the finish. We shot a few more photos along the way of runners heading for the finish. Finally back at the start/finish area we found a great spot to sit and wait for Karen. Karen did an awesome job running strong through the whole race. Maybe next year I will do this one.

As pictured above Karen one a prize for her gravity downhill quote.

After the race ended it was fun and games litterally! For some of the prizes they opted to have a wheelbarrel race. It was hillarious – see for yourselves.

At the end as we were leaving we spotted this nasty bug. It had landed on Darren first. When he dusted it off it landed on me. He dusted it off me and it landed in the grass where after we took a photo several kids huddled around it fasinated. Never did figure out what kind of bug it was just that it was nasty and huge. Any ideas anyone?

Time to head home. We made a quick stop at Timmy’s along the way for a snack and then were on road back home.

Flickr Photos