Seattle Vacation – Fast Cars & Fun Times.

I’ve been on vacation since just before Calgary’s IM 70.3. After the IM I had a few days to relax and then it was time to organize/pack for our big trip to Seattle. This was our annual “anniversary” trip to the NHRA Drag Races. We got married at this very race, right up at the “tree” way back on July 31st, 1998. The race dates change every year so it seldom falls on our actual anniversary but we still call it our anniversary trip.

We flew out early Friday AM and after a short flight, picked up our rental car, checked into the hotel still made it to the Pacific Raceway in Kent WA (just south of Seattle) in time for the big guys to race. It was an awesome weekend with lots of fast cars and fun times with friends. Oh yeah we ran into all the usuals that head to the track for this race including our friends from BC. This year our buddy Mark brought his girlfriend Michelle. We spent most of the weekend with them.

Each day we arrived at the track early, watched races, toured the pit area, ate greasy/tastey track food then at the end of the day we would relax in the grassy parking lot with a few beers and our friends. No sense in wasting ones time in long lines of exiting traffic.

We did our usual shopping at the races. We each got some cool new jersey’s for bike riding and a couple of t-shirts. I also got a cool funny car for my granddaughter’s birthday. She always loves the stuff we bring her back from the races.

This year we stayed an extra day, so on Monday we took the light train into Seattle. Wow what a great train ride. It was clean, fast and the best way to get into downtown. It saved hassles of traffic and worrying about parking. The security at the SeaTac Airport Terminal and at the Westgate Terminal were great. They helped us with directions, tips and maps. Calgary Transit could learn a lot from these guys.

The Westgate stop put us just a few blocks from Pike’s Public Market and the waterfront. Awesome, well sort of. By the end of the day I did not want to see another stairway or hill, ever! It was all downhill to the market and even further to the waterfront. Of course that meant it was all uphill via sidewalks and stairs to get back to the Westgate stop. Despite that it was a fun day wandering threw the market and shops and such. Believe it or not the only thing I bought was a top on sale at Macy’s…lol.

Hubby somehow managed to catch a cold while we were down there and he was sweet enough to share it with me. So with neither of us feeling that great on Monday evening we got chinese food to go and ate in our room. It was the first night we didn’t head over to our fav place, Meeker St Bar.

Tuesday morning we flew home and I headed to bed hoping to recover quickly from this cold. Not so lucky I’m still feeling like crap and it’s almost a week later. I missed work on Thursday & Friday but heading back tomorrow. Even though I’m not 100% I’m pretty sure I’m not contageous. Besides I have to take Nikayla to Camp at the Y this week. It was another birthday gift for her from us.

Well that’s it for now. Be sure and check out the tons of photos we took – some by Darren and some by myself.

Friday, Day 1 – Getting There & Races
Saturday, Day 2 – The Races
Sunday, Day 3 – The Finals
Sunday, Day 3 – More Finals Photos
Mon/Tues, Day 4/5 – Trip to Pike’s Market