Run September

So to keep myself motivated and on track I signed up for a Facebook challenge.

Level 1 – Run 45 September – Run/walk at least 1 mile or an odd number of miles on the odd numbered days of the month. Run/walk at least 2 miles or an even number of miles on the even numbered days of the month. See the Run 45 September g…raphic. Anyone can do this challenge! You can run/walk on the road, a trail, or on a treadmill. Whatever your choice of surface is up to you!

So far so good!
Date/Day       Distance     Time     pace/km     calories
Sept 1 Sun       3.06km       36:37      11:58/km       243cal
Sept 2 Mon      3.41km       38:03      11:10/km       273cal
Sept 3 Tue        2.39km       30:57      12:58/km       204cal
Sept 4 Wed      4.73km       59:08      12:30/km       385cal

A little slow going so far, but my goal for now is just to get out there and run. I’ll work on speed/pace once I’ve been running steady for a few weeks. My next event is this Saturday. I’ll be doing the Dino Dash 5k. Nikky will be running in it as well and I fully expect her to kick my butt.

I’ll update this as I go along. Gotta stick to it. I have big plans and goals for 2014.