Rocking Girl Bloggers

rockingirlblogger-thumb.jpgWe interrupt this week of posts to present 5 amazing girl bloggers with a Rocking Blogger Award. First off I need to thank Karen for honoring me with this award. As a best friend, she rocks! I should thank all of you for hanging out here. I couldn’t have done it without you.

Now some of the ladies I would like to have nominate have already been nominated – Nancy, Linae, *Jeanne*, Anne, Brit to name a few.

So here are my nominees (in random order):
Linda – who travelled to visit me and volunteer at the Calgary Marathon
Sarah – who also volunteered with me and ran a great race
Una – who has been a loyal blogger friend
Jeanne – my friend and editor over at
Mark – Wait he’s not a girl but he did run in a skirt…lol. Guess I need another girl
Ellie – one of my fav penguins. She’s an ironman and just the coolest lady.