Road trip to Ironman Canada – Penticton

On Wednesday I left Fernie, bright and early. The road trip to Penticton was long and twisty. I made a pit stop at Timmy’s somewhere along the way and later to get some gas. There were a couple of construction delays but for the most part I made good time. I made one lst stop at a small fruit stand before finding my way to Penticton and later to the Hotel. I was all checked in by roughly 3:30pm.

After settling in I went for a walk in hopes of finding a grocery store. Plus that was a nutrition talk happening at some coffee shop. I was told it was only a few blocks but a few ended up being 17 blocks and nearly 5k by the time I was

Being smart I opted to take the bus back to the hotel. Okay not quite all the way. I still had 6 blocks to walk from the last bus stop.