Road Trip – Edmonton

8 AM Saturday. Up and ready to head out. At least I was. I swear, men DO take longer to get ready then women. I packed everything the night before so we could just get up and go. We were up at 6:30 but it’s 8:05 AM and hubby is still not ready to leave. I just don’t get it!

I packed all the suitcases, totes, etc into the car. I also played Farmville on Facebook, ate breakfast, showered, dressed, brushed my teeth and so on (not necessarily in that order). I think all he did was make coffee and drink it. Finally car started and I think we are about to leave….wait, he says “Oh, I forgot my wallet!” MEN!

8:10 and we were finally on the road for Edmonton. Hubby had setup his GPS in my car. Cool no need for maps. At least he got one thing right. We made a pit stop in Red Deer around 9:30. The stop was at a garage with a Timmy’s. I resisted the cookies and donuts. Across the parking lot was a “Penguin Place”, had to take a photo of it for my penguin friends. Remember I said we had a GPS, good thing cause as we left Red Deer hubby took a wrong turn and well without it we would have gotten lost.

For entertainment along the way I had plugged in my IPod Shuffle. As we neared our destination the song “Hamster Dance” played. Hubby’s reaction was priceless “What the hell are we listening to” lol. He just doesn’t get my choice of tunes.

Despite getting away late we made it to our destination by 11am. So why were we going to Edmonton? Well to visit my granddaughter and run the Mother’s Day 5k up there. We always do it in Calgary but since Nikayla is now living up there it was time for a change of venue.

After a short visit we all headed to the mall for the package pickup and some shopping. We had dinner with her Dad’s family. We all went for a walk in the park and then relaxed roasting marshmallows in the back yard.

We headed back early in the evening to get ready for the race in the morning. Nikayla and I laid out all our running stuff so that it would be ready in the AM. We also painted our nails and headed to bed early.

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