Resolution Run 2009 – New Year’s Eve

I don’t know about you but I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the end of the year but to run a race. So what if it’s -23C with a windchill of -32C. Oh yeah for my USA friends thats -9.4F or with windchill a balmy -25.6F. In other words F%^#ing cold. Well at least one might think so but then that’s why they make such great running clothes.

I layered up with my 40below knee high ski socks (pink of course) followed by two pairs of tights and my lovely pink leg warmers. Oh yeah the duct tape (also pink) was great for keeping the wind out of my mesh runners. Mesh runners not so great for winter running. As for the upper body I wore two long sleeve tech shirts, removable sleeves, a short sleeve heavier weight tech shirt and a long fleece that covered my butt. I also added a neck tube and two pairs of gloves. I ended up only needing one pair. On my head I wore my new hat that has builtin speakers for my Ipod.

We arrived at Eau Claire about 5:40pm, race was to start at 6pm. That gave me just the right time to get layered up, use the bathroom and chat with a few friends before heading out. The race started pretty much on time. Guess they didn’t want us standing around in the cold…lol.

Hubby was there to cheer me on and take photos. What a good guy! Of course he only stood out there long enough to see me leave and just before I was done. I gave him a rough idea of how long I would be I guessed between 25 and 30 minutes. A pretty good guess as I was done in 28:24.

Oh yeah the route ended up being roughly 3.4km if you only did one loop there were a few brave souls that did two loops. I actually felt pretty comfortable in all my layers and had I warned hubby that I might do two, I might have actually done so but that would have changed my estimated finish time. So I stuck to the plan and just did the one loop. I ran the whole distance and felt pretty good about it especially since it was the first real running since Vegas. Yeah I did Silver Springs but that was more of a run/walk.

After the race we huddled inside the Eau Claire Mall. Refreshments were cinamon buns and hot chocolate. I was surprised by the size of the crowd that ran the race. There were over 1200 registered for the sold out event and I have to say a good percentage actually showed up.

We ordered Pizza before leaving the mall and picked it up on the way home. We spent the rest of the evening chowing down on pizza and watching movies. So just how did you ring in the new year? Wishing you all the best in 2010!

Here’s a little sample of how it went. I videod the first minute or so…lol

Ooops I should have warned you about the heavy breathing on parts of video…lol. Next we have me filming as I finish up and yes more heavy breathing…lol.

Finally we have a video of me as I finish, filmed by my hubby. Yes that’s me in the frosty hair and light pink hat but honest I didn’t feel cold at all. My glasses were completely frosted over which of course made it difficult to see where I was going but somehow I managed.

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