Re-evaluating This Years Goals & Plans

On another list a good friend, Nancy asked “…and Dawn, how is your swimming coming along this summer?? Just checking…. I thought you each had GOALS there, didn’t you?? “

Now I’m pretty sure I hadn’t posted this but well I have been rethinking this years goals. So this was my response…”Now that’s a loaded question. I decided to read through everyone’s replies before responding, partly because I wanted to see what the others said and partly because I just got home. Too many times I’ve responded before reading other replies only to repeat something already said.

As with any plan, there must always be room for a change of plans. After returning from San Diego I revamped mine. While my marathon was a PR and I am happy with it, it wasn’t quite the PR I had hoped for. With that in mind I decided to rethink my training plans for this year. Being weak in one area of a triathlon is bad enough, being week in all three is a disaster. So I’ve decided to re-focus my efforts on my running. That’s not to say I won’t do any swimming or cycling for the rest of the year, but it will be second to my run training. Some of this isn’t just my own thinking but the advice of another good runner (that would be you, Andrew).

I know I can improve my swimming with some lessons from a good swimming coach. I’m not afraid of the water. There are two areas that I need to work on when it comes to my swimming – speed and breathing. You asked whether one breathes on both sides, for me I end up taking in water when I try either side. I tend to favor the right side when I try it. For the most part, instead, I use total imersion with freestyle but when I finally need a breath I pop my head up completely, do a couple of breast strokes and it’s back under and doing the freestyle again. It’s not the most effective way to do things but it’s what currently works for me. I call it my “combo-style”…lol.

Onto cycling. Well the bike is still on the trainer. Okay, don’t yell at me…lol. Yeah, I know, I should get it outside, but fear keeps it on the I need a free day so I can take it outside to the back field where it won’t hurt as much when I wipe out. If all else fails, I will change pedals for now so I at least get back to cycling outside on a regular basis.

Running is going good. I’m streaking for a bit as an experiment and partly because it was suggested I should be doing more then 3 days a week. With today’s workout, I’m at 16 days. I’m keeping the distances short for now but will be pumping them up as time progresses. For recovery, I allow days where the distance is just the minimum and is a walk. A walk is as good as a rest. The challenge to this streak will be our next trip which is to Seattle. We leave early Friday the 20th and return on the 23rd. We’re off to watch the NHRA Drag Races. Hopefully Darren can do what we did last time we went, drop me off about 4-6k away from the hotel and I will run back.

Events wise, I will do more races this year. I will do some more 5k, 10k and possibly a half. There’s a chance another trip may happen later this year. Rumor has it a group may head down to Vegas for the Dec 2nd Marathon. There’s a half as well and that’s likely the distance I would do, should I decide to go. I will be postponing my Tri event until next year. I just won’t be ready for the events happening in August.

As for motivation, perhaps if I get faster with more kms and running, it will motivate Dianne (another friend of mine)…lol.

So yes I have goals, but now they are just different goals. ”

What about you? How is your year going? Are you still on track or are you like me and changing what you had planned for this year?