Pink Chick’s Gone Country…say it isn’t so!

I’m just sittin here listening to Keith
I should be out running 10k
Instead here I sit at my computer
Wasting my Saturday away.

Okay, that’s as far as I got. Funny what listening to country music will do to you. Who’d a thunk watching just one Keith Urban concert would make me switch from my “Pop Rock” station to Country 105…lol.

Oh yeah, did I mention, Karen, Dianne and I went to see Keith Urban on Wednesday evening.

We had nosebleed seats but that didn’t matter. Keith set up his show so all could enjoy it. He had a large screen behind him that featured closeup shots of him, the band and some of his videos. Also during the show he moved down a long runway so all of his audience got to enjoy him. They also played a number of songs on a smaller stage set up at the end of the runway. We had our own backup singers, right behind us three young girls shreeked along to almost every tune. Heck they even got filmed for the DVD video Keith was making of the concert.

Bet I’ve played “I told you so” a hundred times since then. That has to be my fav song. I can still see him playing it. Man was he HOT!!! Sizzling HOT!!! Karen, Dianne and I really enjoyed the show. Here’s the video for you to enjoy…

Music Video: I Told You So by (Keith Urban)

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