Oops there goes another month!

I’m so far behind in my blogging, I’m not sure where to start or what I haven’t blogged about. So yes I’ve been training and training and more training. Mind you I have yet to manage to do all that my coach assigns. April got a tad stressful and some workouts just didn’t happen.

Rather then ramble on more about what I did or didn’t do, I will just throw some numbers out as to where I am with my training as at the end of April.

So below you will see two charts. The top one is what I’ve been doing this year and the bottom is what I had done by the same time last year.

What a difference between this year’s biking and last years. Interestingly enough my mileage for last year (the whole year) when it comes to biking was only 489.19km. So while I have missed a number of workouts I’m not beating myself up for it.