Oops – Found a Bug

Silly me, sorry gang. As I started to fill out the log plan for 2007 I found a goof. I’ve made the fix and uploaded the new spreasheet. If you’ve already downloaded and started to use. I appologize for any inconvenience. The error was in the dates for the month of March under the Month Column. In error some of the dates were entered as 2006 and a few as March 07/07 instead of March 07/07. It was not noticable as that column is formated to show only the month. I noticed it when I was looking at the stats/pivot table tab.

By the way for those of you who have never used pivot tables, to update your totals, simply right click on the table. From the drop down menu select REFRESH DATA. This will then update the tables based on the new activites you have added to the other tab.

The link has been fixed in the previous post and added here as well – The REVISED – Column Log Plan